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Zone 3 community crime alerts for August 14-20


August 22, 2017

The following are the Part I crimes for the week of: August 14-20.

Duquesne Heights (1911) –

Theft – 100 blk. Oneida St. – between 8/8/17 at 8 AM and 8/10/17 at 5 PM – Victim reported his iPhone 6 and Go Pro Hero 4 were stolen from his home. Amount of loss is unknown.

Theft by deception – 200 blk. Sweetbriar St. – between 7/22/17 at noon and 8/18/17at noon – Victim reported someone had switched out her commode while she was away replacing it with an older model.

Mt. Washington (1903, 1914, 1915, 1807)

Theft – 100 blk. Pasadena St. – between 6/6/17 at 8 AM and 8/3/17 at 8 AM – Victim reported someone stole a Harow Back Trail bike, Harow Zippo bike, KHE Unique bike, Honda Kick-n-Go scooter, Penseke timing light, & a "shammy" from his home. Amount of loss is $2,225.

Burglary – 100 blk. Ruth St. – 8/19/17 at 3 AM – Victim reported he heard someone enter the home and later found they had stolen his lockbox with cash inside. The amount of loss is $1,800. There was no signs of forced entry.

Theft of property lost or mislaid – 7/7/17 – Victim discovered someone had cashed one of his checks from his account. He did not authorize the withdrawal of money. Amount of loss is $1,500.

Burglary – 500 blk. Boggs Ave. – between 8/12/17 at noon and 8/15/17 at 9 PM – Victim reported the theft of 500 books worth $10,000. There was no forced entry.

South Shore (1921)

Burglary – 100 blk. Station Square Dr. W. – between 8/16/17 at 4:30 PM and 8/17/17 at 9 AM – A business owner reported a burglary. There was no signs of forced entry. The following items were stolen: IZIP Zuma electric bike, Blink S electric skateboard, 5 chargers for electric bikes, Wifi Jet Pack, cash, and battery packs. Amount of loss is $4,500.

Bon Air (1806) – Nothing to report.

South Side Slopes (1706, 1608)

Theft – 100 blk. Sharon St. – 8/15/17 at 4:22 AM – Victim reported her Buddha statue was stolen off of her porch. Loss is $50.

Theft – 1000 blk. St. Martin St. – 8/11/17 at 9:30 AM – Victim reported a known suspect stole his wallet with cash, debit card, credit cards, state ID, & health card. The amount of loss is over $80.

South Side Flats (1609 & 1702)

Theft from vehicle – 2400 blk. Sidney St. – between 3:30 PM and 7:42 PM on 8/19/17 – Victim reported his Army backpack was stolen from his vehicle along with his Ruger 9mm. Amount of loss is over $600.

Theft – 1300 blk. E. Carson St. – 8/17/17 at 1:20 AM – Victim reported his bike was stolen and the cable which secured the bike was cut. The 29er bike is worth $2,700.

Theft – 2000 blk. Wharton St. – 8/17/17 at 5 PM – Victim reported a Diamondback Sorento Hardtail mountain bike was stolen. Amount of loss is $400. The bike lock was gone too.

Theft – 1200 blk. Muriel St. – 8/17/17 at 7:45 AM – Victim reported a Raleigh Misceo bike was taken from her yard. Amount of loss is $800.

Robbery – 1700 blk. Wrights Way – 8/20/17 at 12:10 AM – Victim reported he was walking home when he was attacked by 4 black males who started to kick and punch him. They then reached into his pockets and stole his wallet and cell phone. The wallet contained credit cards, ID, and cash. Amount of loss is over $200. The phone was an iPhone 7.

Burglary – 2000 blk. Wharton St. – between 8/19/17 at 11:50 PM and 8/20/17 at 8:30 AM – An employee of a local business reported a burglary. The employee noticed someone had pried open the register drawer. The amount of loss is not known at this time.

Aggravated assault – 1200 blk. E. Carson St. – 8/20/17 at 12:15 AM – Officer working Southside saturation detail was informed there was a white male bleeding from the head across the street. The officer then saw a black male (20-30 years old, 6', 175 pounds, white baseball cap, white polo shirt, & black jeans) and black female (20-30 years old, 5'8", 120 pounds, thin build, short brown straight hair, medium complexion, tan shirt, & tan skirt) kicking and punching the white male. Officer ordered them to stop but they continued to assault the victim. The officer had to deploy "pepper" spray to stop the assault. The suspects fled the area. The incident started in a local bar on Carson Street.

Theft – 100 blk. S. 10th St. – 8/13/17 at 2:30 AM – Victim reported her iPhone 6 and cash fell/stolen out of her purse. Amount of loss is $390.

Theft from vehicle – 100 blk. S. 18th St. – 8/17/17 at 12:38 AM – Victims returned to their vehicle and found the front passenger side window was shattered and items were taken from the vehicle. The items were Vera Bradley purse, wallet, make-up bag, keys, black canvass bag, & ratchet straps. Amount of loss is $349.

Allentown (1803)

Theft – 800 blk. Lillian St. – between 11/1/16 at midnight and 8/16/17 at 8:49 PM – Victim reported giving his firearm (gray Witness 9mm) to a known person for safe keeping and cannot reach this person. Amount of loss is unknown.

Mount Oliver (1607) – Nothing to report.

Arlington (1603)

Theft – 100 blk. Dengler St. – between 7/17/17 at Noon and 7/20/17 at 3 PM – Victim reported someone stole her checks from the mail and an unknown person cashed them which was not authorized. The amount of loss is $1,093.84

Arlington Heights (1604)

Theft from vehicle – 3100 blk. Cordell Pl. – between 8/4/17 at 5 PM and 8/7/17 at 8 AM – An employee reported commercial vehicles had air let out of the tires. The valve caps were stolen too. Amount of loss is unknown.

Beltzhoover (1809)

Theft – 300 blk. Boggston Ave. – between 8/15/17 at midnight and 8/16/17 at midnight – Victim reported a landlord took their clothing and shoes and will not return them. Amount of loss is unknown.

Stolen vehicle – Estella Ave. & Freeland St. – 8/17/17 at 7:25 PM – Officer performed a traffic stop on a stolen vehicle. Eric Wormsley was arrested on scene. Also, a juvenile was inside the vehicle with Wormsley and her mother picked her up. The vehicle was stolen from Cranberry Township.

Carrick (2901, 2902, 2904)

Theft from vehicle – 100 blk. Minooka St. – between 8/13/17 at 7 PM and 8/14/17 at 5 PM – Victim reported an Apple iPad worth $2,000 was stolen from her vehicle. The windows were down.

Theft from vehicle – 1700 blk. Leolyn St. – between 8/15/17 at 4:30 PM and 8/16/17 at 4:45 AM – Victim reported his lawn mower (green & black Troy Bilt 6/5 horsepower) was stolen out of his truck bed and his other vehicle was ransacked but nothing appears to have been taken out of it. There was no apparent damage to either vehicle.

Theft – Highnote Way & Anglo Way – between 8/15/17 at 8 PM and 8/16/17 at 9 AM – A service provider reported the theft of 14 feet of cable wire. Amount of loss is unknown.

Stolen vehicle – Churchview Ave. & Kirk Ave. – 8/13/17 at 12:10 AM – Reporting person stated he was using his friend's vehicle and saw the tire pressure warning light. When he got out to check the tires a black male (25-35 years old, 5'10", thin build, brown short hair, dark blue baseball cap, blue jeans, and a white tee shirt) jumped into the vehicle (gray Chevrolet Trail Blazer) and drove off.

Overbrook (3204, 3207) – Nothing to report

St. Clair (1606)

Theft – 600 blk. Becks Run Rd. – between 1 AM and 4:30 AM on 8/20/17 – Victim reported his multicolored 26" Mongoose Ledge mountain bike was stolen. The amount of loss is $80.

Knoxville (3001)

Burglary – 300 blk. Suncrest St. – between 7/7/17 at noon and 8/19/17 at 1:15 PM – Reporting person observed the LG 60" TV and a yellow and orange Weed-Wacker had been stolen from the home. The basement door was damaged. Amount of loss is over $1,800.


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