City launches parcel map in Burgh's Eye View application


August 1, 2017

The City of Pittsburgh has unveiled Burgh’s Eye View Parcels (, a new feature of the mobile web application giving residents instant visual access to property data.

For the first time, residents can access parcel-level information online and gain visual insight into a wide range of data including city-owned properties, tax delinquent properties and parcels in a property tax abatement program. Burgh’s Eye View Parcels is a centralized and easy to view location for parcel information that was previously scattered and difficult to access, ultimately assisting residents and community groups in fighting blight and planning brighter futures for Pittsburgh neighborhoods.

“Transparency and openness are essential to ensuring a responsive city government and thriving neighborhoods,” said Mayor William Peduto. “Burgh’s Eye View Parcels brings that transparency directly to the residents of Pittsburgh, and enables all of us to work toward stronger, more equitable communities.”

Built by a team within the Department of Innovation & Performance (I&P), Burgh’s Eye View Parcels is designed as a “one stop shop” for residents and community groups to access and view parcel information. With a simple search bar, an ability to display an entire neighborhood’s parcel information, and a mobile layout for use on smartphones, the application is designed to reduce technological barriers to accessing and understanding parcel information.

“Burgh’s Eye View Parcels is a product of the mayor’s commitment to open data,” said Director of Innovation and Performance Lee Haller. “Building off the launch of Burgh’s Eye View last October, we’re enhancing our commitment to government accountability and we’re proud to make this information widely accessible to residents and community groups that are committed to improvements and change at the neighborhood level.”

To assist residents and community groups in fighting blight and planning for their neighborhoods, the following data is currently available on the Burgh’s Eye View Parcels map. (To ensure residents’ privacy, certain types of data - such as property owner names - are not included.):

• Tax delinquent properties/parcels 

• City owned properties/parcels 

• Abated properties 

• Type of owner 

• Class (commercial, residential, industrial, government)

• Type of use (single-family)

• Last sale date

• Last sale price

• County land value

• County building value

• County total value

• Total lien amount (if applicable) 

• Number of liens (if applicable)

The application is populated with data the city and Allegheny County supply weekly to the Western Pennsylvania Regional Data Center (WPRDC) ( and the data can be exported directly from the application as well as the WPRDC website.

“This property data was frequently requested by community partners and citizens,” said Innovation & Performance Assistant Director Laura Meixell. “I’m proud of our team’s ongoing work to respond to public priorities and work with residents and community groups to gauge how publicly available information can be of best use. We look forward to more thoughtful and collaborative efforts to build tools for residents and city departments.”

I&P is also launching a companion version for internal use by the city’s Finance Department. “Debuting Burgh’s Eye View Parcels on the heels of our for-sale property database launch is incredibly exciting,” said Director of Finance Paul Leger. “Having all of this information available in one place will be transformative for our Real Estate division. These tools save our frontline Real Estate employees tremendous time, ultimately making our process more efficient and enabling us to better serve our residents.” (Details on the for-sale property database can be found here.)

In addition to the Finance Department, Burgh’s Eye View Parcels will also assist City Council staff members, the city’s Community Affairs team, Mayor’s Office, 311 Response Center and other public-facing employees to better respond to resident questions.

Burgh’s Eye View Parcels was built internally by employees in I&P and has no cost. The application is part of a larger suite of maps built for city departments (police, Fire, Public Works, PLI) and City Council, which have been in use for over a year. This and other projects continue to deepen the city’s commitment to transparency and accountability through the thoughtful use of the data that increasingly powers and enhances the delivery of city services.

The debut of Burgh’s Eye View Parcels builds upon work by the Western Pennsylvania Regional Data Center, and follows other efforts to make city operations more accessible and transparent to residents, including: the Snow Plow Tracker application; Permits, Licenses and Inspections department information via Buildingeye; the mobile 311 application; MyBurgh; public input into the city’s new homepage at Pittsburgh Alpha; the Transparency Portal< /a>; Citiparks online facility reservations; online business opportunities via Beacon; and the Police Data Initiative.


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