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Real estate transactions by RealStats


16th Ward

Edward Dursi to Best Pittsburgh Rentals LLC at 73 Barry St. for $82,000.

Jon Richards to Emily West at 2407 Burham St. for $275,000.

Estate of Kevin Lippold to Daniel Hendrix at 1316 Dengler St. for $20,000.

Brian Scalise et al. to L4 Holdings Ltd. at 1408 Fernleaf St. for $65,000.

Marc Roberson to Liam and Anne MacLeod at 2319 Jane St. for $230,000.

Jim McCluskey et al. to Larry Dietrich at 138-1/2 S. 24th St. for $334,000.

17th Ward

Bingham Street Properties LLC to Rachel Lewis at 1516 Bingham St. for $498,000.

Andrew Nedzel to Luke Lamertina at 1717 Jane St. for $355,000.

Brent Sigut to Edward John and Joyce Wilbur at 1850 Riverside Mews Unit 20 for $543,000.

Estate of Martha Zajac to Alfredo Shaheen at 125 S. 19th St. for $86,000.

18th Ward

Deborah Termini to April Ferraro at 9 Beltzhoover Ave. for $95,700.

Mt. Washington Community Development Corp. to Barr Property Development Inc. at 52 Craighead St. for $5,000.

Mt. Washington Community Development Corp. to Barr Property Development Inc. at 54 Craighead St. for $5,000.

John Richnavsky to 444 Kathleen Street LLC at 444 Kathleen St. for $145,000.

19th Ward

Chatham Village Homes Inc. to Paige Kassalen at 432 Bigham St. for $0 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $59,888).

Chatham Village Homes Inc. to Zsolt Zavodszky at 412 Olympia Road Unit 1503 for $0 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $54,385).

Carol Sukitz to S Dianne Stoehr and Cheryl Emmert at 424 Oneida St. for $60,000.

Rook Station Properties L.P. to Luan Bell at 184 Plymouth St. for $180,000.

Scott Shrake to Thomas and Nicole Angelo at 1-3 Whitworth St. for $128,000.

29th Ward

Anthony Pawlos to Shawn and Michelle Swarts at 464 Brinwood Ave. for $103,000.

Esther Colteryahn to Chris Connor Farms LLC at 1601 Brownsville Road for $255,000.

Thomas Felicion to Martin Brown and Matikka Bey at 2145 Hazeldell St. for $114,000.

Jessa Le to Salman Zwaier at 10 Merritt Ave. for $56,000.

Alberta Skalniak to Scott Wilson at 121 Poplargrove St. for $64,000.

Estate of Mary Jane Bucci to Paula and Andrew Fedornak at 430 Spencer Ave. for $92,500.

Jesse Reitmeyer to Chelsey Frisch at 119 Stewart Ave. for $129,900.

Anthony Weinmann to Nikia Tucker at 314 Sunnyland Ave. for $139,000.

30th Ward

Edward McDonough et al. to Raed Investors Ltd. at 406 Arabella St. for $1,500.

Thomas Gallagher to Sean Kennedy at 220 Charles St. for $29,000.

Grape Street Ventures L.P. to BAAT Enterprises LLC at 52 Grape St. for $28,000.

St. Mary of the Mt. Parish Charitabl to JL & JC Holdings LLC at 216-224 Orchard Place for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $65,000).

Standing Rock Holdings LLC to Realmark Properties at 239 Reifert St. for $15,000.


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