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Here's the problem


Here’s what’s going on at SouthSide Works.

The owners think this is becoming a wealthy side of town. Wrong! Most of the area, near and far, around the SouthSide Works are middle class, low middle class and low income. The residents on South Side have been here for many years and are not rich. The stores they rent to most people can’t afford to shop in. That is why they are closing.

Then, the people that come in on the weekends don’t spend enough to keep the stores in business. Even college students can’t afford to spend that much money to keep them afloat. That’s why the Waterfront and Works or small malls stay in business.

Think what would happen if they had a Marshalls, T.J. Maxx, or an Eat’n Park, Denny’s or Bob Evans. Even a retail outlet would be more beneficial if the rent was reasonable. It would be nice to have a small book store. Think how it would be nice to be in this circular model instead of a strip mall.

Just think if they lowered the rent and these stores moved in; all the area residents and surrounding areas would benefit. This also applies for apartment rentals.

I was told the reason things are so high is because new entrepreneurs are moving to the Pittsburgh area. Therefore, until they take over the city, SouthSide Works look at the bigger picture or it will end up like the steel mills!

Ethel Cobb

South Side Flats


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