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Live and Invest in Mt. Oliver Reclaiming Vacant and Blighted Properties


Through the assistance of Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding, Allegheny County has launched a new Vacant Property Recovery Program in Mt. Oliver that substantially discounts acquisition costs. Traditionally, acquisition costs include 100% of the appraised value (usually $800 - $1,000 for vacant lots in Mt. Oliver and $15,000 - $30,000 for vacant structures in Mt. Oliver) and a standard parcel fee of $3,000 that subsidizes the legal process.

With the new program, homeowners applying for vacant lots next door for use as a side yard are now only responsible for 50% of the appraised value and the standard parcel fee is waived. The standard parcel fee will also be waived for applicants proposing to demolish a blighted structure. Of course, anyone can apply to the program to acquire a vacant and tax delinquent land parcel or structure to remediate and own free-and-clear. For a complete listing of eligible properties, a copy of the application, or for more information, contact Rick Hopkinson at 412-431-8107 |


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