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Upcoming So. Pgh. Zoning Board hearings


Pittsburgh’s Zoning Board of Adjustment has scheduled the following public hearings of interest to South Pittsburgh residents in the first floor hearing room of the John P. Robin Civic Building, 200 Ross Street, Downtown.

Zone case 254/17 on Thursday, July 13 at 9:50 a.m. is the appeal of Phil and Paul Chalmers, applicants, and John J. and Beverly D. Varney, owners, for 2700 Brownsville Road in the 29th Ward (Zoning District LNC, R2-L, P).

Applicant requests use of first floor as club and second floor as recreation and entertainment, indoor (limited) with off-site parking.

Special Exceptions: 911.02: Use as club (general) is a Special Exception in the LNC zoning district; 914.07.G.2a: Off-site parking is a Special Exception; 914.07.G.2a.1: No off-site parking space shall be located more than 1,000’ from the primary entrance served, proposed more than 1,000’.

Variances: 914.07.G.2a.2: Off-site parking shall require the same or less restrictive zoning district than the use served; Proposed off-site parking is located in the R2 and P zoning districts.

Notes: Certificate of Occupancy 45791, dated 14/02/85, permitted occupancy “Thrift Drug Store first floor; second floor printing shop.”

Zone case 242/17 on Thursday, July 20 at 10:00 a.m. is the appeal of Joseph Grmusa, applicant, and Frank A. and Marquerite Szala, owners, for 1707 Edwards Way in the 17th Ward (Zoning District R1A-VH).

Applicant requests continued use of property as two-family dwelling.

Variance/Review: 911.02: Review of use as two-family dwelling.

Zone case 244/17 on Thursday, July 20 at 10:40 a.m. is the appeal of Roberta J. Weissburg, applicant and owner, for 73 S. 13th Street in the 17th Ward (Zoning District R1A-VH).

Applicant requests use of first floor as single-family dwelling (total two units).

Special Exception: 921.02.A.4: Change from one nonconforming use to another is a Special Exception.

Notes: Certificate of Occupancy 55299, dated 5/26/1989, permitted occupancy “2½-story structure — first floor ladies clothing store and one dwelling usnit and one dwelling unit above.” Certificate of Occupancy dated 26/23/2004, permitted occupancy “1st floor architects office including professional communication services, 9:00am-6pm with one dwelling unit above.”

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