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What's going on at SSW


Will the last person to visit SouthSide Works (SSW) please turn off the lights?

What is going on with that place? There are far too many empty retail stores. Each time one visits it seems another store closes. The place is starting to look like Death Valley.

Say goodbye to H&M the latest casualty. A few places have been empty for years. Even American Eagle’s store that was there a long time is gone with the wind. That had to hurt since its headquarters is at SSW.

A retail clerk at SSW told me they raised the rents. Now SSW is an embarrassment. Who wants to bring visitors to look at empty store fronts? It just doesn’t look good. Management is probably in the process of adjusting the Master Plan.

Some think more doctors’ offices and other professionals will be moving in. I would rather see a massive food court and a bakery like the one in Oakmont.

At any rate, people will probably lose interest in SSW if those empty places aren’t filled soon.

John Shatlan

South Side


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