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Last updated 6/19/2017 at 5:59pm

16th Ward

Loyd Johnson to Charles and Betty Mruk Paoletti at 2811 Jane St. for $275,000.

Brookfield Relocation Inc. to Ian Watt and Leanna Burckley at 3127 Josephine St. for $196,500.

Jeffrey Garofalo to Matthew and Alexandra Bailey Sherrier at 2722 Shelly St. for $183,900.

17th Ward

James Kelly to Evan McIntyre at 24 Magdalena St. for $94,500.

Todd Fontaine to Urban Capital Group LLC at 1610 Merriman Court for $180,000.

Kenneth Reinshuttle to Kristen Korner at 1709 Sarah St. for $182,000.

18th Ward

Martin Slotterback to 21 & 0 LLC at 333-335 Bailey Ave. for $235,300.

David McEvoy to Karen Adams at 853 Freeland St. for $8,000.

19th Ward

Bradley Street LLP to Sungwon and Woomyung Choe at 473 Bradley St. for $475,000.

Ronald Yingling to Brian and Carin King Malley at 1716 Greenleaf St. for $267,500.

Martin Dragan to Marsam Leasing LLC at 214 Kramer Way for $40,000.

John McGrath et al. to Adam Kulik and Nicole Billitto at 144 LaBelle St. for $415,000.

Adam Carter to Austin Fedell at 221 Ulysses St. for $180,000.

29th Ward

Mark Comer to Mark Joseph Comer Jr. at 476 Calvert Ave. for $120,000.

Mathew Olean to Jason Maxwell at 309 1/2 Linnview Ave. for $14,000.

30th Ward

Joseph Novakowski to BAAT Enterprises LLC at 333 Mathews Ave. for $15,000.

Mt. Oliver

Richard Joseph Sciubba to BAAT Enterprises LLC at 509 Elizabeth St. for $4,000.

Andrew Zavage to Grandma Rose’s Properties LLC at 222 Locust St. for $14,800.

Alfred Anthony Camus to Rosalie Horton at 803 Transverse Ave. for $63,900.


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