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By Austin Vaught
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Block watch reviews violent crimes, prepares for next neighborhood blitz


Last updated 6/14/2017 at 6:04pm

Additional information about a recent shooting in Carrick and details on several of last month’s criminal incidents were presented by police at last Monday’s Carrick / Overbook Crime Watch meeting in the Concord K5 auditorium.

Police are still investigating a shooting that took place on May 14 around noon. A driver flagged down an officer to request help for a shooting victim in the 1100 block of Brownsville Road. The victim was conscious but had suffered multiple gunshot wounds to his right leg, right arm, and torso. He was taken to Mercy Hospital.

According to Pittsburgh Police community relations officer Christine Luffey, police believe the May 14 shooting took place inside an apartment across from the shopping center on Brownsville Road. Police are currently analyzing evidence collected at the scene.

The girlfriend of the victim of a May 5 homicide in the 1100 block of Brownsville Road was arrested and charged. According to police, the suspect called 911 to report she discovered her boyfriend covered in blood. When police arrived, the victim’s body was found in the living room and homicide detectives arrested the woman after collecting evidence at the scene.

A SWAT situation occurred on May 19 when officers attempted to serve a probation violation warrant in the 100 block of East Agnew Street. The suspect would not surrender to police and was uncooperative for several hours, during which time police discovered a child in the front of the home.

Officer Luffey described the home as having “filthy conditions,” and needles and stamp bags were also found at the scene. The suspect finally surrendered after police threatened to release the K-9 unit. The child is now in the custody of Children Youth and Families.

A drug arrest was made on May 9 as narcotics detectives conducted surveillance in the 2000 block of Brownsville Road. They observed as a male suspect entering a home only to exit a few seconds later. According to police, the man handed an object to a passenger in a vehicle outside the residence. Police arrested both suspects after narcotics were found.

Police obtained multiple warrants for a suspect and a residence in the 100 block of Overbook Boulevard following surveillance and complaints of drug activity. On May 15 detectives observed a male leave the residence and enter a Toyota Camry. Police followed the suspect to Carrick Shopping Center and approached him with the warrants.

According to officer Luffey, the suspect admitted to having cocaine and marijuana in his home and gave his keys to the detectives. Police removed large quantities of cocaine and marijuana as well as $15,895 in cash. They also uncovered an additional $16,000 after receiving a warrant to search the suspect’s safety deposit box.

Another drug-related arrest occurred in the 1600 block of Amanda Street after police received information that illegal drugs were being sold at the home. Police obtained a search warrant and discovered scales, marijuana, and a notebook containing suspected customer information. A male suspect was arrested.

A man was arrested in the 2200 block of Velara Street for failure to comply with Megan’s Law after he did not register a new address.

Police responded to reports of a shooting near the intersection of Birmingham Avenue and Transverse Avenue on May 24 around midnight. Male and female victims were both discovered with gunshot wounds. The incident is currently under investigation by police.

According to Officer Luffey’s crime report, Zone 3 police investigated 17 thefts, eight burglaries, three aggravated assaults, eight simple assaults, and five overdoses in Carrick between May 1 and June 5. They also made eight drug arrests in the same time period.

Following the crime report, there were several quick announcements made by community members in attendance:

Anthony Coghill, democratic nominee for the District 4 Pittsburgh City Council talked about future involvement with the block watch and his goal to tackle the ongoing issue of opioid abuse.

“This is a problem I plan to take head on,” Mr. Coghill said. “I’m not saying I have all the answers, but the crime comes with the drugs. You can count on me being a partner and heavily involved in any way I can.”

Mr. Coghill also acknowledged the dedication of the Carrick block watch and its high attendance numbers.

“It really says a lot knowing how many people are here considering there is a Penguin’s game on,” Mr. Coghill said.

Bethani Cameron, community relations manager for councilwoman Natalia Rudiak’s office, announced that a list of properties for the next ‘Carrick Blitz’ has been compiled and the office is in the process of analyzing city data.

The ‘Carrick Blitz’ is a neighborhood initiative targeting blight and criminal activity by cross-referencing 911 data, 311 data, and citizen complaints. The last Carrick Blitz took place in the fall of 2015.

Block watch organizer Carol Anthony announced the annual The Communities Against Crime event will be July 18 at the Dairy District. Police, fire and EMS will be on hand to present crime prevention tips. Block watch captains are encouraged to contact Ms. Anthony if they’d like to set up a table at the event.

The next Carrick / Overbrook Crime Watch meeting will be July 3. The July and August meetings will be held at the Zion Church located at the corner of Madeline Street and Brownsville Road.


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