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By Tom Smith
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Carrick council updated on Berg Place, Dairy District projects


The Carrick Community Council’s (CCC) quarterly meeting was no attendance match for a Penguins’ playoff game the same evening, but scored with updates and information about the community.

CCC president Trish Hatfield passed off the duties of facilitating the meeting to Board Member Chuck Giese.

The first speaker, Carol Anthony from the Carrick/Overbrook Block Watch, said the group would meet as usual in the Pittsburgh Concord K-5 auditorium in June. They will have a change of venue for the July and August meetings, moving to the Zion Christian Church.

Jason Tigano, director of real estate for Economic Development South (EDS), spoke briefly about the status of Berg Place. The property is now in the Treasurer’s Sale process.

He said the owners attempted to file bankruptcy before the property was put in the Treasurer’s Sale to stall the sale, but didn’t pay the filing fees according to Commonwealth Court, allowing the process to continue. It will take about four months to clear the title and transfer the property to the Urban Redevelopment Authority, “which is our goal.”

The URA will then help EDS to facilitate the redevelopment of the site. Once the URA takes ownership, it will begin stabilizing the property making sure there are no major issues.

Councilwoman Natalia Rudiak began her presentation by talking about the Friends of Phillips Park meeting the prior week. There, they discussed new signage for the park and the need to name the trails.

Attendees could fill out a survey with their suggestions or Ms. Rudiak said the survey would be placed on the Council District 4’s Facebook page.

Another thing the Friends group discussed was installing historic markers along the trails.

Ms. Rudiak said she set aside $30,000 for the park that will be facilitated through the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy. Some of the suggestions for that funding from the group included repairing the steps, “sprucing up” the park or addressing public safety issues.

Ms. Rudiak said they have found a new partner in the Dairy District project in Rivendale Farms from Washington County. The farm features premium dairy cows prized for their milk which will be used in a creamery to be built where the current Colteryahn Dairy offices are located.

Colteryahn has already made some sour cream and chocolate milk from the Rivendale Farms cattle. Ms. Rudiak said ice cream and yogurt will be made in the new creamery.

Rivendale Farms currently sells to a number of “high end clients.” The councilwoman said they have had discussions about selling their products at the Dairy District Pavilion.

If all goes as planned, the creamery should be open by August.

Ms. Rudiak also addressed the progress being made concerning the former St. Basil School. Her office has been working with Jordan Tax Service to have the property put up for Sheriff’s Sale. The property has already been condemned, she said, making the case for Sheriff’s Sale stronger.

She said a judge has approved Jordan Tax Services’ request to have the property put up for sale to recover the taxes owed.

She said they are working to identify a developer for the property and if a developer is found there will be a community process involved with the renovation of the building.

She said one of the problems with it, and with Berg Place, is that a developer will have to put in about $15 million into each project. With the dwindling about of state and federal money available for similar projects it may take a while to get underway.

The councilwoman said the city will be holding Capital Budget meetings to get input on “brick and mortar” projects, repairing infrastructure items buildings, steps, roads and more.

The city will be holding several Capital Budget Deliberative Forums to gain input into what residents would like to see in the way of projects.

The forum on this side of the city will be on Thursday, June 8, 6-8:30 p.m. at the Brookline Teen Outreach, 520 Brookline Blvd. Pittsburgh, PA 15226. Register to speak online at:

Those who can’t make it to the forum may submit their feedback at:

Linda Donahue reported the CCC holds two monthly events: On the third Tuesday of the month for tending the Carrick street trees and the Last Hump of the Month a clean-up on the last Wednesday of each month.

The April Earth Day clean-up was successful in large part to the Bhutanese community that showed up to help.


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