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Real estate transactions by RealStats


16th Ward

US Bank NA trustee to AJ Arnold Asphalt Inc. at 978 Becks Run Road for $18,500.

iBuyPittsburgh Inc. to L4 Holdings Ltd. at 1406 Fernleaf St. for $31,500.

Stephen Walsh II to Scott and Jessica Berry at 2713 Jane St. for $430,000.

Theresa Louise Sheffey to Bank New York Mellon trustee at 2214 Spring St. for $3,372 by sheriff’s deed.

17th Ward

Martin Drugan to Marsam Leasing LLC at 2646 S. 18th Street Ext. for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $98,670).

Grand Old Properties LLC to Pinkman & White L.P. at 97 S. Ninth St. for $10 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $112,815).

Dolores Hrapla to Scott Pyle and Emma Meetz Freedman at 2115 St. Leo St. for $150,000.

Susan Smith to Bayview Loan Servcing LLC at 164 St. Paul St. for $2,048 by sheriff’s deed.

18th Ward

Bailey Park Partn. L.P. to Richard Deshantz at 225 Bailey Park Ave. for $581,500.

Blue Dog Alpha L.P. to SSHT Community Partn. LLC at 522 E. Warrington Ave. for $35,000.

Washington Mutual Bank to Foreclosure Depot LLC at 931 E. Warrington Ave. for $12,100.

Foreclosure Depot LLC to Hyacinth Terry at 931 E. Warrington Ave. for $18,000.

Hyacinth Terry to Rebecca Reichenbach at 931 E. Warrington Ave. for $16,500.

FLD 3 LLC to West Allen Capital19 LLC at 65 Haberman Ave. for $75,000.

Joshua Deyell to Steelwater Group LLC at 744 McLain St. for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $50,945).

19th Ward

Solid State Development LLC to Three Rivers Real Estate Ventures LLC at 239 Albert St. for $52,500.

PB Development Inc. to Maria Demetriou and Carlos Guerrero at 816 Boggs Ave. for $119,900.

Snail Houses LLC to Marsam Leasing LLC at 324 Edith St. for $60,000.

John Earley to Tyler Hartz at 325 Maple Terrace for $145,000.

Thomas Hunley to Mark and Dawn Christy at 162 Olympia St. for $234,000.

Peter Burch to Christopher Rys at 213 Southern Ave. for $3,000.

29th Ward

Gartley Group LLC to Eric Walker at 47 Becks Run Road for $79,999.

AW Properties LLC to KB Capital Group LLC at 2613 Brownsville Road for $122,000.

Marcia Schreiber to Jason and Laura Kasten at 1625 Concordia St. for $19,000.

Estate of Patricia Ann Hutton to Charles and Rene Hutton at 2440 Edgar St. for $60,000.

Margaret Triano aka Burroughs to MTB Realty Group LLC at 48 Maytide St. for $60,000.

Symmetry Estates LLC to James Hyland at 115 Merritt Ave. for $18,000.

US Bank Trust NA trustee to MO Rentals Inc. at 1647 Oakhurst St. for $16,000.

30th Ward

Home Finders Inc. to Li Wu at 325 Mathews Ave. for $35,000.

Robert Lee to AIH LLC at 343 Moore Ave. for $20,000.

Richard William Osselborn Jr. to TI PIT Bravo LLC at 303 Reifert St. for $40,500.

Mt. Oliver

Ji Lin to Charity Chewe at 124 Brownsville Road for $45,000.

First Commonwealth Bank to Michael and Bonnie Lynn Staab at 741 Brownsville Road for $50,000.

Frank Marsh to Venta Mart Inc. at 324 Hays Ave. for $30,000.

Michelle Davis to US Bank NA trustee at 122 Koehler St. for $3,173 by sheriff’s deed.

Margaret Klimko trustee to Nicole Love at 312 Quincy Ave. for $57,000.


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