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Permits, Licenses & Inspections furthers digitization efforts in city


For the first time, all building inspection reports are being compiled on computers instead of paper, the city’s Department of Permits, Licenses & Inspections announced.

Previous to the Peduto Administration and the hiring of Director Maura Kennedy, such inspections were written on paper and stored in filing cabinets, which made access by residents and businesses difficult. Moving to computerization will not only be more efficient, but provide better customer service.

“This change provides efficiency and record-keeping integrity, while keeping us more accountable and transparent to those we serve,” Director Kennedy said.

The move follows PLI’s creation of buildingeye, a website mapping tool designed to make building permit, license and code enforcement actions within the City of Pittsburgh more accessible; the creation of a publicly searchable property website; and other modernization efforts, including wiring PLI with the Internet, and giving inspectors computers and email addresses for the first time.

Partially due to the technical upgrades the department has been able lately to bring more efficiency to the application process for zoning approvals or building permits without the need to stop first in PLI’s file room.

Customers with a zoning voucher that have any occupancy permit request, question or needs information on property violations will be assisted by one of the application techs at the permit counter.

If a customer is not pulling a permit but instead needs copies of an occupancy permit, they will be required to complete a request form. The form will be available at the counter and can be submitted in person, by mail or via email at

PLI staff will complete occupancy permit requests within five business days, with the exception of emergency requests that can be completed more quickly.


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