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Cafe Scientifique will discuss carbon capture


Is it possible to reduce the impact of fossil fuel-based power plants on the environment? At Carnegie Science Center’s next Café Scientifique, engineering professor Christopher Wilmer will discuss the technology designed to capture harmful emissions. This free event will take place on Monday, Feb. 6, from 7 – 9 pm.

During his talk, “Is Carbon Capture Realistic?” Mr. Wilmer will discuss the future of carbon capture technology. This active area of engineering research explores the development of technologies that can be retrofitted onto fossil fuel-based power plants to reduce greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere. Retrofitting thousands of coal power plants across the globe would be a massive undertaking, and researchers need to know how feasible such a project would be.

His presentation will consider this problem from the molecular scale and ask what the most efficient carbon capture membrane would look like, whether it can realistically help mitigate global warming, and how it compares to existing technologies.

Mr. Wilmer is an assistant professor in the Chemical and Petroleum Engineering Department at the University of Pittsburgh. His research focuses on the use of large-scale molecular simulations to help find promising materials for energy and environmental applications.

After the talk, audience members will be invited to ask questions and become part of the discussion.

Admission to Café Sci is free. Food and drinks are available for purchase. Doors open at 6 p.m. The evening includes time for informal discussion, eating, and drinking.

For more information and to register, visit or call 412-237-3400.

This event is part of the Strange Times series presented by Carnegie Nexus. For more information about other Carnegie Nexus events, visit


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