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Community crime alerts for January 9-15


The following are the Part I crimes for the week of: January 9th, 2017 to January 15th, 2017.

Duquesne Heights (1911)

Theft from auto – 200 blk. Oneida St. - between 1/12/17 at 6 PM and 1/13/17 at 7:30 AM – victim reported following items stolen from vehicle (old Garmin GPS, coins & $1 bills). Loss $7. No apparent signs of forced entry.

Stolen vehicle – 200 blk. Edith St. - between 1/12/16 at 10:30 PM and 1/13/17 at 6 AM - victim discovered car was stolen. Ohio registration GNF6580 on a black 2005 Buick Lacrosse 4 door. Owner still had keys.

Mt. Washington (1903, 1914, 1915, 1807)

Theft from auto – 800 blk. Boggs Ave. - 1/5/17 at Midnight and 1/5/17 at 6 PM – victim reported car was entered but nothing appeared taken.

South Shore (1921)

Burglary – 100 blk. Ruth St – between 12/28/16 at 12 PM and 1/12/17 at 2:30 PM – victim reported finding the basement door unlocked. Officers did not observe any signs of forced entry.

Bon Air (1806)

Burglary – 100 blk. Camfield St. - between 1/9/17 at 10 AM and 1/9/17 at 9 PM – victim reported home was burglarized and several firearms were stolen from home along with ammunition. Loss about $3,600.

South Side Slopes (1706, 1608)

Auto theft – 100 blk. Telescope St. - between 12/29/16 at 10 AM and 1/10/17 at 7:20 PM – victim reported the theft of his leased vehicle. A white 2016 Subaru Imprezza with PA plate KGN5442.

Criminal Trespass – 100 blk. Magdalene St. - 1/10/17 at 12:15 PM - victim reports someone entered through a side door to their home. The resident was home. A loud noise was heard and when the person went to investigate there was no one there.

Burglary – 1400 blk. Eleanor St. - between 1/13/17 at 6:12 PM and 1/13/17 at 7:11 PM – victims reported someone entered their unlocked front door and stole a purse along with its contents. It appears one of the victims keys may have been left in the door lock. Amount of loss is unknown.

Theft from auto – 1000 blk. E. Warrington Ave – between 1/11/17 at 9:10 PM and 1/12/17 at 11 AM – victim reported firearm was stolen from the car with no signs of forced entry. Loss about $560.

Theft from person – 100 blk. Gregory St. - between 1/13/17 at 12:30 AM and 1/13/17 at 2 AM – victim reported a known person stole the following items from home during a party. Purse with credit cards/debit cards, Macbook Pro, black wallet, & PA driver's license. Loss $1,700.

South Side Flats (1609,1702)

Auto theft – S.19th & E. Carson St. - 1/10/17 at 5:40 PM – reporting person called 911 to report a friend of his stole his girlfriend's car. Reporting person was highly intoxicated making Anti-US statements. Officers talked to reporting person's girlfriend to confirm car was taken. A silver 2009 Lexus E35 with PA plate KBR1290.

Burglary – 100 blk. S. 15th St. - between 1/10/17 at 2 PM and 1/11/17 at 6:30 AM – maintenance reported a burglary. Entry was made thru a side door and money was taken from donation boxes. Amount of loss is unknown.

Theft from person – 2700 blk. E. Carson St – between 1/12/17 at 4:40 PM and 1/12/17 at 4:45 PM – victim left behind wallet, ID, credit cards, money, and keys at business and someone stole the items. Loss is $180.

Theft from auto – 100 blk. S. 20th St. - between 1/13/17 at 9 PM and 1/14/17 at 10 AM – victim reported his rear car window was broken and his calculator, Apple Ipad, nylon computer bag were stolen. Loss $500.

Theft from auto – 1200 blk. Muriel St. - between 1/13/17 at 10:30 PM and 1/14/17 at 1:25 AM - victim reported rear window of vehicle smashed and his backpack with the following items was stolen (1 Macbook, 2 chargers, 4 notebooks/folders, 1 access card, 1 Pitt ID, 1 stethoscope, & 1 blood pressure cuff). Loss $2,852.

Theft from auto – 1200 blk. Muriel St. - between 1/13/17 at 10 PM and 1/14/17 at 2:50 AM – victim reported his passenger side window broken and his black Burton back pack was stolen. Loss miscellaneous items of little value.

Theft from auto – E. Carson St & S. 9th St. - between 1/14/17 at 8 PM and 1/15/17 at 7:30 PM – victim reported passenger side window broken and nothing appears taken.

Theft from auto – 400 blk. E. Carson St. - between 1/14/17 at 7 PM and 1/15/17 at 1 AM - victim reported passenger side window shattered. $2 in U.S. Currency was stolen.

Theft from auto – 400 blk. E. Carson St. - between 1/15/17 at Midnight and 1/15/17 at 10:20 AM – victim reported front passenger window broken. A phone charger and auxillary cord were taken. Loss $50.

Allentown (1803)

Theft from auto – 700 blk. E. Warrington Ave.- 1/14/17 at 12:13 PM – victim explained while getting a check cashed. The car window was broken and iPAD was stolen. Loss $800.

Mount Oliver (1607)

Theft from person – 500 blk. Mountain Ave. - 1/12/17 at 1 PM – victim reported a female approached her while she was outside and asked to use her phone & bathroom. The suspect female then asked and received permission for her friend in the car to use the bathroom too. Later, the victim discovered her purse was stolen. Suspects are 2 white females. One is 25-35 years old, 5'3", 125 pounds, long blonde hair, black tee shirt and pants. The other female is 40-50 years old, 5'5", 130 pounds, and a black coat. Victim had $100 plus check book and driver's license stolen.

Arlington (1603)

Theft from person – 1000 blk. Becks Run Rd – between 1/14/17 at 1 PM and 1/14/17 at 4:14 PM – victim reported a dealer plate (PA registration K29174K) fell off a vehicle that was being test driven.

Arlington Heights (1604)

Beltzhoover (1809)

Robbery – 300 blk. E. Warrington Ave - 1/10/17 at 4:40 AM – victim reported on the way to work was robbed by 2 black males (20-30 years about 5'10" (male with silver & white coat was holding a silver semi-automatic handgun)). Suspects took wallet, ID, $10, and stomped on victim's glasses. Suspects fled in a silver 2-door car.

Theft from auto – 100 blk. Climax St. - between 1/12/17 at 6:30 PM and 1/13/17 at 2 PM – victim reported a Galaxy pad valued at $300 taken form his vehicle. There was no signs of forced entry.

Carrick (2901, 2902, 2904)

Theft from person – 100 blk. Maytide St. Between 1/9/17 at 9 AM and 1/9/17 at 6 PM - victim reported ordering sneakers to be delivered to home. Victim stated UPS showed the sneakers as being delivered, but he never received the packages. Loss $400.

Theft from person – 2600 blk. Brownsville Rd. - between 9/1/16 at Noon and 1/15/17 at 2:40 PM - officers were returning victims' stolen items. Upon arrival, victim reported discovering more items stolen. An arrest was made on Jason Adkins for the recovered items. The new items stolen were 24 karat gold ring, jade amulet, coins, gold teeth, gold bars, & 10 karat butterfly ring. Loss is unknown.

Stolen vehicle – 100 blk. Belplain St. - between 1/13/17 at 2:30 AM and 1/13/17 at 5:30 AM - victim discovered car was stolen. A silver, 2005 Chrysler 300 with PA plate JFR5443. The locking system to the car is broken.

Overbrook (3204, 3207)

Theft by deception – 500 blk. Horning St. - between 1/6/17 at 11 AM and 1/6/17 at Noon - victim reported arranging to buy a puppy online. The victim purchased a pre-paid Visa Card. The suspect had the victim read the card number to them over the phone. A short time later the suspect called her back and said the care information had been stolen. The victim found out the card number was used at Best Buy.

Theft from person – 500 blk. Overbrook Blvd. - between 1/15/17 at 3:15 PM and 1/15/17 at 7:15 PM – victim reported a known person stole $100 and a purse. The actor is employed by victim.

Theft from auto – 2200 blk. Saw Mill Run Blvd. - between 12/27/16 at 6:30 PM and 1/13/17 at 11:30 AM – car dealer had catalytic converter stolen from car on lot. Amount of damage/loss is unknown.

Theft from auto – 2200 blk. Saw Mill Run Blvd. - between 1/12/17 at 6:30 PM and 1/13/17 at 10 AM – car dealer reported a car entertainment/radio player stolen from vehicle. The passenger side window was broken on the car.

St. Clair (1606)

Arson – 800 blk. Schuler St. - 1/9/17 at 1:09 AM – officers responded to a car on fire. The car was unoccupied. Fire department notified Arson detectives who are investigating the fire.

Knoxville (3001)

Robbery – 200 blk. Charles St. - 1/9/17 at 12:44 AM – victim reported 2 black males hit her and stole her purse. Victim did not want to cooperate with police and refused to press charges. Victim received a laceration on temple area. Loss $70.

Auto theft – Rochelle St and Georgia Ave – 1/9/17 at 10:43 AM – officers responded to a "hit and run" type accident were the occupants fled the scene. While on-scene the vehicle owner called 911 to report the car involved in the "hit and run" had been stolen. The victim of the auto theft refused to let officers print the vehicle. The stolen vehicle was a chrome 2002 Chevy Trail Blazer. The owner took possession of the stolen vehicle.

Auto theft – 200 blk. Marland St - 1/12/17 at 5:47 PM – victim reported a teal 2002 Saturn L200 with PA plate KBA2352. Victim stated the vehicle was locked when it was taken. Victim had problems with a known person earlier and believes they may have had someone steal the car.

Robbery – 500 blk. Brownsville Rd. - 1/14/17 at 12 PM – victim reported 2 black males tried to rob the business with BB guns and bandanas over their faces. One actor stated to employee to give all the money. When victim refused the actors fled. One actor came back and tried to still tip jar but victim prevented them. Actors are descriptions. One black male 10-15 years old with small/thin build. Second actor is black male 12 years old 4'11", 67 pounds, small/thin build, short black hair, with dark complexion, and brown eyes.

Theft by deception – 300 blk Arabella St. - between 11/28/16 at Noon and 1/14/17 at 1 PM- victim reported making a deal online with a "gaming" buddy to buy a iPhone 7 for $400 through a website called Venmo. The victim sent the money but never received the phone.

Robbery – 300 blk. Moore Ave. - 1/15/17 at 5:35 PM – pizza delivery driver was robbed. The actors stole the food (value $50) and $20 of driver's own money. Suspects described as 3 black males 12-15 years old, 5'7", 130-140 pounds. Fourth suspect is 16-18 years old and 150-160 pounds. All suspects had black handguns and black hoodies pulled up. Loss $70.

Theft from person – 100 blk. Charles St. - between 1/15/17 at Noon and 1/15/17 at 4 PM – owner took possession of car with victims belongings still inside. Owner of the car refuses to return items. Items are food, black wallet with ID, $280. Loss $360.


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