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Councilman proposes to improve pedestrian safety


During the January 11 meeting of Pittsburgh City Council, Councilman Dan Gilman proposed amending the Pittsburgh City Code to require safer conditions for pedestrians and other users during construction that necessitates the closure of a sidewalk.

“Pittsburgh is experiencing a construction boom, often times requiring the long-term closure of sidewalks. This legislation ensures the safety of pedestrians during construction and maintains fully accessible sidewalks for individuals with disabilities,” said Councilman Gilman. “As a new father who walks our neighborhoods with a stroller, I have become more keenly aware of sidewalk safety and the need to improve it.”

If passed, the legislation would:

Mandate that warning signage be placed at the nearest safe crosswalk to alert pedestrians of an upcoming sidewalk closure, indicating that individuals should cross there rather than dangerously at mid-block.

For a sidewalk closure of over 30 days, a company or individual would have to provide a covered walkway or otherwise, provide an engineer’s report stating why a covered walkway is not feasible.


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