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Last updated 12/26/2016 at 4:59pm

16th Ward

Arlene Pindel to James and Melanie Guzzo at 2711 Cobden St. for $252,000.

Ryan Hendrix to Radius Capital Group LLC at 2712 Cobden St. for $40,000.

2600 Southside Sarah Assoc. L.P. to 2524 E Carson Place LLC at 2524 E. Carson St. for $172,000.

Ryan Hendrix to Radius Capital Group LLC at 2322 Eccles St. for $25,000.

Carol McGough to Bank New York Mellon trustee at 3027 Josephine St. for $20,000 by sheriff’s deed.

Tara McComb et al. to Alexander Danley at 2250 Mary St. Unit 113 for $262,500.

Ryan Hendrix to Radius Capital Group LLC at 2903 Salisbury St. for $75,000.

Roman Campbell to L4 Holdings Ltd. LLC at 2116 Wenke St. for $15,500.

17th Ward

1825 Edwards LLC to Benigno Ulloa at 1825 Edwards Way for $155,000.

Gary Marino to Benjamin Calik at 1004 Fritz St. for $9,000.

18th Ward

Robert Swope to Laura Mushenheim at 437 Arlington Ave. for $119,000.

James Wallace to Manolo Castano Garcia and Liliana Castano Trujillo at 313 Boggston Ave. for $25,000.

Eileen McMullin to Venusian Management Group 1 L.P. at 341 Cedarhurst St. for $19,000.

Lillie Mae Tracey to Finance America Reverse LLC at 42 Industry St. for $3,130 by sheriff’s deed.

Alex Dell to Tracy Smith at 818 Loyal Way for $1,379.

Nicole Jackson Saunders to Hilltop Rising LLC at 339 Sylvania Ave. for $11,000.

19th Ward

Western Pennsylvania Annual Conference U to Big Ham Group Inc. at Amabell St. for $275,000.

Joyce Elayne Young to Rebecca Clever at 1000 Grandview Ave. Unit 606 for $320,000.

Jeffrey Bonno to Brian Arthur Glaser at 501 Griffin St. for $90,000.

Pauline Mihalko to Jose Cruz at 512 Griffin St. for $15,000.

Vincent Leone to William and Kelly Vates at 17 Natchez St. for $62,400.

Gary Thomas to Sarah Hagerty at 108 Sweetbriar Village Trail for $389,000.

Grandview Investments LLC to Jeffrey Swartz at 1410 Virginia Ave. for $9,900.

29th Ward

David Palaski to Jay Dees at 21 Cedricton St. for $45,000.

Stacy Hirst to Joshua and Lynn Speakman at 119 Laughlin Ave. for $75,000.

Lois Hassett to Tonya Johnson at 106 Stewart Ave. for $63,500.

Mt. Oliver

Steve Torres to W & T Properties LLC at 131 Margaret St. for $32,000.

Mary Louise Tranter to Winter Slate Properties LLC at 601 Transverse Ave. for $25,000.


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