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Thanks to Mt. O. police


I manage 70+ rental units between Mt. Oliver and the Carrick area. I also personally own a business right on the border. I’m in the city, across the street from Mt. Oliver.

The police often get bad raps when they have a very difficult job to do. They also do not get recognized when they go above and beyond.

I call the police often for assistance. I am not an absentee landlord, I am on site regularly at my business as well as the rental properties. I do not put up with nonsense from tenants, nor the gangs of kids running around unsupervised.

Since the library remodeled, the gangs of kids have increased tenfold. I have customers that are afraid to come to the laundromat. At the rental property next door, I have tenants complaining about the kids loitering outside their door and even on their porch.

The City of Pittsburgh police no longer respond to these types of calls, leaving these youths to terrorize the community.

Thank goodness for the Mt. Oliver Police Department. They have picked up the slack where the city has left us high and dry. A police officer was kind enough to move out a gang of about 12-15 kids even though it was not his territory. He instructed me to call 911 for city assistance, which I did. The 911 operator asked if I wanted to meet the officer at the scene.

I said I would, but three hours later still no officer.

Because of the nature of my business, I am in the magistrate’s office often. I see the officers on a regular basis. I hear the offenders bad-mouthing them all the time.

So what this letter is really about, is a big thank you for your service to the Mt. Oliver police. They don’t let you down when you need help. I appreciate each and every one of you.

Adele Paslow

P.O.A. for Arthur C. Fedorek


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