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Zoning Board hearings


Pittsburgh’s Zoning Board of Adjustment has scheduled the following public hearings of interest to South Pittsburgh residents in the first floor hearing room of the John P. Robin Civic Building, 200 Ross Street, Downtown.

Zone case 298A/16 on Thursday, Nov. 17 at 8:50 a.m. is the appeal of Greg P. and Norine Minion trust, owner, and Peter Margittai Architects LLC, applicant, for 2132 Sarah Street in the 16th Ward (Zoning District R1A-VH).

Applicant requests use of property as multi-family residential with 14 units, integral parking and rooftop decks.

Variances: 911.04.A.85: Multi-unit residential is not permitted in R1A zoning district; 903.03.E.2: Minimum 5’ front setback required and 0’ requested; Minimum 5’ exterior side setback required and 0’ requested.

Past Cases and Decisions: ZBA 298 of 2016, applicant’s request for use of property as multi-family residential with 14 units, integral parking and rooftop decks was denied without prejudice.

Notes: Certificate of Occupancy 200702698, dated 9/18/2007, permitted occupancy “Continued use of existing three-story former church as single-family dwelling.”

Zone case 402/16 on Thursday, Nov. 17 at 9:50 a.m. is the appeal of 1912 Jane Street Associates Inc., owner and applicant, for 1912 Jane Street in the 17th Ward (Zoning District R1A-VH).

Applicant requests to convert existing commercial spaces to four residential units.

Special Exception: 921.02.A.4: Change from one nonconforming use to another is a Special Exception.

Notes: Certificate of Occupancy 71621, dated 6/4/1995, permitted occupancy “Two-story structure; first floor engineering offices for Pgh. Industrial Furnace andtwo vacant commercial spaces, second floor five dwelling units and 14 parking stalls - five interior and nine outdoor stalls.”

Zone case 325/16 on Thursday, Dec. 1 at 9:3 0 a.m. is the appeal of Ken Slaby, owner and applicant, for 549 Southern Avenue in the 19th Ward (Zoning District R1D-H).

Applicant requests three-car parking pad at front of single-family dwelling.

Variances: 903.03.D.2: Minimum 15’ front setback required and 4’ requested; Minimum 5’ interior side setback required and 1’ requested; 912.04.F: Separation from building 3’ required and 1’ requested.

Notes: Certificate of Occupancy OCC 09-08702, dated 4/30/2011, permitted occupancy “16’x27.5’ open patio with roof at rear of existing 2½-story single-family dwelling with existing 8’x12’ storage shed and existing 6’ privacy fence both at rear.”

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