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Zone 3 Part 1 crime report for September 26th thru October 2nd


The following are the Part I crimes for the week of: September 26th thru October 2nd, 2016.

Duquesne Heights (1911)

Stolen auto – 200 Meridan St. – between 9/25 at 9:30 PM and 9/26 at 6:00 AM – Victim states items were stolen out of her car. No signs of forced entry. Missing is Brighton dog carrier, blk purse containing a wallet and credit cards and $200.

Mt. Washington (1903, 1914, 1915, 1807)

Stolen auto – 40 blk. Hartwood St. – between 8/23 and 9/27 – Victim states he had been out of town on vacation and when he returned, he found his truck to be missing. PA plate YYT4928, black 2008 Chevrolet Silverado.

Theft from vehicle – 40 blk. Craighead St. – between 9/27 at 5:00 PM and 9:00 AM – Victim states his truck had been broken into and a work laptop was taken from inside a backpack. Unk value.

Theft from vehicle (firearm) – 300 blk. Grandview Ave. – between 9/24 and 9/26 – Victim states he had put his firearm under the front driver’s seat after he had parked it. When he returned to his car he found it was gone. No signs of forced entry. Ruger SR9C 9mm pistol. Value $569.

South Shore (1921)

Theft from vehicle/criminal mischief/criminal trespass, theft from business – 1700 blk. West Carson St. - 10/1 – Victim states suspect cut open a chain link fence and stole 2 batteries from a Freightliner truck along with 8 other batteries. Value $1600.

Theft from person – 300 Station Square Dr. – 9/25 between 11:30 AM and 1:00 PM – Victim states she had checked out of the hotel and later realized she had left behind clothing, namely a sleeveless dress, a short sleeve blouse and a long sleeve blouse. She notified the hotel manager and was told housekeeper had found the items but wasn’t in to ask about the whereabouts of the items. Value $205.

Criminal mischief/stolen auto/criminal trespass – 1700 blk. Riverside Ave. – between 9/29 at 6:00 PM and 7:00 AM – Victim states when he came to work he found a vehicle had been stolen. PA plate JVX4760, white/maroon Chevrolet Impala. Victim states over the past couple of months, suspects have been stealing various vehicle parts from the property.

Bon Air (1806)

Southside Flats (1609, 1702)

Theft from vehicle – Larkins Way @ S. 22nd St. between 9/25 at 10:00 PM and 9/26 at 7:30 AM – Victim states she found her car doors to be ajar. She discovered the interior had been rifled through and found a pair of Apple ear plugs were missing. Unk value. No forced entry observed.

Theft from vehicle – Harcum Way @ S. 27th St. – between 9/25 at 10:00 PM and 12:00 PM – Victim states his car was locked after he had parked it. This morning he discovered someone gained access to it and took a duffel bag which contained additional items including personal safety equipment for Lacrosse skateboard, sunglasses, Bose headphones, and $45. Total value $1270.

Burglary/Stolen auto – 2500 blk. Wharton St. - 9/29 between 12:30 AM and 7:00 AM – Victim states when he woke up he found his car keys missing from inside his home. He went to his garage and found his car was gone. He also states his wallet was missing from the coffee table in the living room. He found the windows in both the living room and his bedroom were open and the screens were now missing completely. Items stolen were his wallet, gift cards, driver’s license, Pitt ID card, keys, Windows Surface tablet. Value $600. PA plate JLX4150, gray 2015 Volkswagon Passat.

Theft from person – 100 blk. S. 14th St. – 9/15 between 2:00 PM and 8:00 PM (reported 9/30) – Victim states a package delivered by Fedex had been stolen. Value $370

Theft from vehicle – 2800 blk. Jane St. – between 9/27 and 10/2 – Victim states the radio and 4 hub caps were taken from her vehicle – No signs of forced entry. – Unk value.

Theft from vehicle – 1000 blk. Freyburg St. – between 9/25 at 8:00 PM and 9/26 at 11:25 AM – Reporting person states his girlfriend’s car was broken into. $5 in loose change was taken. No forced entry observed.

Theft from vehicle – S. 18th & Wrights Way – 9/25 between 2:30 AM and 10:00 AM – Victim states his car had been locked however found someone had broken into it and took an Apple Macbook Pro laptop. Value $1300.

Theft from person – 10 blk. Uxor Way – between 9/24 and 9/28 – Victim states after his tenants had moved out he discovered items had been taken without his permission. Vent gas grill, GE refrigerator, and a Frigidaire stove. Total value $1500.

Stolen auto – 1400 blk. Sarah St. – between 9/27 at 9:00 PM and 9/28 at 11:00 AM – Victim had a rental car and left her keys on her table. She found that her boyfriend had taken the keys and vehicle without her permission. He is not on the rental agreement. PA plate JZR0682, silver 2016 Toyota Corolla.

Theft from person/recovery – 1700 blk. Sarah St. – 7/2 (reported 9/29) – Victim states he found his stolen bike at this location. He had not previously reported it stolen due to it being an older bike. The victim provided multiple details about the bike. He took custody of it after showing he had a key which unlocked a lock attached to the bike.

Theft from vehicle/criminal mischief – 80 blk. S. 13th St. – 9/30 between 11:00 AM and 1:45 PM – Victim states his van had been broken into. A window had been broken out and items taken were two DVD players from the front headrests and $5 in quarters. Total value $205.

Burglary/Stolen auto – 1100 blk. Mary Ann St. – 10/2 between 3:00 Am and 5:30 AM – Victim states he returned home to find his Xbox missing in addition to his car keys. He also found his car to be gone. PA plate JRN5825, silver 2004 Chevrolet Malibu.

Theft from person – 2700 blk. E. Carson St. – 9/30 between 6:10 PM and 6:15 PM – Reporting person/manager states he observed on video an employee taking $20 out of the cash register and putting it in her right front pocket.

South Side Slopes (1706, 1608)

Theft from vehicle – 3100 blk. Mary St. – between 9/25 at 11:00 PM and 9/26 at 12:45 AM – Victim states her husband had parked the car and later went out to it to find it had been rummaged through. It was discovered a black binder containing gift cards was missing. The gift cards were gifts for their wedding. Total value is approximately $3000. No forced entry observed.

Theft from vehicle – 1100 blk. E. Warrington Ave. – between 9/25 at 11:00 PM and 9/26 at 4:00 PM – Victim states items were stolen out of her car. $54, box of bandaids, and a plant. No observed forced entry.

Beltzhoover (1809)

Mount Oliver (1607)

Arlington (1603)

Robbery – Arlington Ave. at Fernleaf St. – 9/26 at 9:55 AM – Victim states while she was waiting for a bus, the WM suspect attempted to snatch her purse from her. The victim was able to hold onto her purse and the suspect fled. She was not injured.

Theft from person – 2500 blk. Spring St. – 9/28 between 3:12 PM and 3:45 PM – Victim states she received a text notification of a UPS delivery at her previous address. She went to that location and found the package was not there. Value $305.98.

Arlington Heights (1604)

Robbery/criminal conspiracy/false ID/bench warrant – 3000 blk. Arlington Ave. – 10/1 at 1:30 AM – Victim states he had cashed his social security check earlier in the day and had been out drinking with his nephew. As the walked to the front door of the apartment building, the nephew opened the door and said something to three suspects. One suspect pointed a gun to the victim while the other two went through his pockets and took his money. The males ran away and the victim called for police. The victim believed his nephew set him up. Officers stopped four males fitting the description and after the victim ID’d them, they were taken to the Allegheny County Jail. Arrested was Durell George from East Liberty, Anthony McCray from Mt. Washington, Daniel Russell from the West End, and Deon Calloway from the North Side.

Allentown (1803)

Stolen auto – Beltzhoover Ave @ Guyman Way – 9/27 between 2:00 PM and 10:00 PM – Victim believes he may have dropped his keys. He found his vehicle gone. PA plate FJS7084, Silver and black 2004 Subaru Forrester.

Overbrook (3204, 3207)

Theft from business/harassment – 2700 blk. Library Rd. – between 9/16 and 9/30 – Reporting person states the suspect, an employee was supposed to take a piece of equipment to a customer. The item was never delivered. At first the employee was stating she was sick and had the equipment but couldn’t drive. Her roommate had said that the employee sold the equipment. Since then the employee has become uncooperative and her friends are calling the company making threats. Value $5000.

Carrick (2901, 2902, 2904)

Theft from vehicle (plate) – 2000 blk. Dellrose St. – between 9/25 at 10:00 PM and 2:00 PM – Victim states the registration plate was taken off his car while parked in front of his residence.

Robbery – 200 blk. The Boulevard – 9/28 at 7:10 AM – Victim states while he was walking to school, someone tapped him on the shoulder. When he turned around, the suspect pointed a gun at him and told him to give him his money. The victim complied and the suspect fled. $45 value.

Theft from vehicle – 300 blk. Parallel Ave. – between 9/30 at 5:00 PM and 10/1 at 10:00 AM – Victim states he discovered his car had been ransacked and $5 in change had been taken. He states he had locked his car but found it unlocked.

Theft from person – 30 blk. Lacona St. – between 10/1 at 10:00 PM and 10/2 at 7:00 AM – Victim states items were taken from his driveway. Items stolen are 2 traffic cones and a crosswalk warning system. Total value $60.

St. Clair (1606)

Knoxville (3001)

Arson/criminal mischief/recklessly endangering another person/causing or risking a catastrophe – 100 blk. Bausman St. – 9/27 at 2:30 AM – Officers responded to an apartment house on fire. Suspect/resident told officers on scene that he started the fire using a lighter on his curtain because he was angry at his land lord. The suspect was taken into custody.

Robbery – 200 blk. Suncrest St. – 10/2 at 10:00 AM – Victim was supposed to meet a seller of an iPhone. He was approached by 3 BM suspects who told him to get out of his car. He refused. They grabbed him out of the car and sprayed him with pepper spray and punching him in the face and head areas. Although one had a gun, the victim states it was not real due to it spraying pepper spray. $400 was taken from the victim. *Note – victim and suspect first had contact on “”.


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