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Don't compare us to Lawrenceville


I am writing in response to some quotes in last week’s article “Residents get to talk directly with Zone 3 Commander about issues” (South Pittsburgh Reporter, Oct. 4, 2016)

I have to disagree with the quote, “the Hilltop is light years away from the organization there is in Lawrenceville. The Hilltop, as a whole, is still splintered.” I, for one, am proud of the progress being made on the Hilltop, with new businesses opening, properties being renovated, landlords being held accountable, and more cooperation among the neighborhood leaders.

One example of this is the Hilltop Alliance’s monthly Property Stabilization Program (PSP) meetings, which our district judge attends regularly. Having resolved issues with more than 200 properties in the past three years, this program is seen a model across the city. It has even been featured and presented at national conferences.

Zone Three public safety council leaders are aware of this program, so I was surprised to read the same leaders are not promoting it to other residents, and instead applauding Lawrenceville. Enough about Lawrenceville already. The Hilltop should not be compared to Lawrenceville on any level, as anyone who lives in Pittsburgh knows; the differences between the two areas are vast.

Eleven neighborhoods make up the Hilltop while Lawrenceville is just one neighborhood.

I try to promote the PSP to as many Hilltop residents as possible, and despite regular articles in The Reporter and other newspapers, not everyone knows about it. By writing this, I hope more Hilltop residents will get involved in the successful programs we have going on right now. And don’t get me wrong, there is much work to be done, especially around public safety and crime.

Serving on the Hilltop Alliance board and as chair of our Property Stabilization Program, I’m proud of how far our collaboration and impact has come in the past couple of years, and even more excited about the next few years. Anyone can get more information about the Hilltop’s own Property Stabilization Program by calling Tim Dolan or Paula Simon at 412-586-5807 the Hilltop Alliance office.

Linda Piso

Member of Knoxville Community Council

and Knoxville Resident


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