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Phillips Elementary raising funds to go on field trips, help buy tablets


Phillips Elementary School is a South Side jewel.

The commitment of its principal and its teachers to achieving this objective is strong. However, they need the help of the talents and treasures of the entire community to help them achieve this goal. To that end, Phillips is hosting its second annual Race for Education fundraiser on October 27 at the Ormsby Recreation Center ball field.

The Race for Education allows community members to help the Phillips’ leadership achieve its goals, contributes to the development of future student leaders, and helps the entire community. Having a dynamic and highly respected public elementary school in the heart of South Side is a benefit to the community, helping sustain and elevate property values while serving as an anchor for the neighborhood.

In its inaugural year, the race raised $15,000 and has set a goal of $25,000 for this.

Here is how donations to the Race for Education will be used:

Students who use technology are better prepared for success. So the funds will be used to provide students with iPads and resources so they be on the front edge of technology innovations.

Literature shows a well-rounded education allows children to thrive. So the donations will also help provide students with enrichment opportunities such as outside speakers and field trips.

In past years, funds were used for field trips to the Pittsburgh Symphony, the Zoo, and a Penguin Hockey practice. The students thoroughly enjoyed these trips.

The teachers also use the field trips to supplement classroom learning. As an example, the third grade class will read “Macaroni Boy,” historical fiction that takes place in Pittsburgh’s Strip District. Teachers are planning a trip there, including church tours and a trolley ride.

Funds are also used to help to foster school spirit through two highly anticipated end-of-year end activities and sporting supplies. Phillips Field Day is held annually at Cupples Field and is an all-day affair of games, sports, food, and fun.

Fifth graders go on an overnight camping trip and although those students do direct fundraising and make a family contribution, the PTO funds subsidize the trip ensuring it is available to every interested fifth grader.

Additionally, PTO funds offset the cost of uniforms and t-shirts for the various athletic clubs.

Literature also shows students who are excited about school and have positive self-esteem thrive. Donations will be sued to promote both of those objectives.

The school has two unique programs--Phillips Surprises, Falcon Tickets and Student of the Month throughout the year. These mini celebrations and recognitions “catch children doing things right” and are truly a meaningful part of student life.

Another use of funds is for beautification of the school exterior. The school district does not have funds allocated to support campus beautification. Member of the Parent Teacher Organization maintain the school grounds as volunteers.

Donations are used to provide these educational enhancements in order to make Phillips a happier and more productive learning space for our children.

Donations can be made directly to the school by mailing them to: Race for Education, Phillips Elementary School, 1901 Sarah Street, Pittsburgh PA, 15203. Questions may be directed to PTO President Amy Parker at:

Submitted by Chaton Turner and Cathy Qureshi


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