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Zone 3 community crime alerts for August 8-14


The following are the Part I crimes for the week of: August 8th, 2016 thru August 14, 2016.

Duquesne Heights (1911)

Theft from vehicle – 300 blk. Augusta St. - between 8/9 at 5:15 PM and 8/10 at 7:15 AM – Victim states suspect gained entry into his vehicle and ransacked it. Stolen was a iPod mini worth $100. No forced entry observed.

Theft by deception – 200 blk. Dilworth St. - 8/3 (reported 8/10) - Victim states he gave permission to a representative for Windows Computer to access his computer. He stated while they were accessing his computer, without his consent they transferred $5,500 from his bank account into another one of his accounts. The suspect told him they overpaid his rebate and told him to send them money grams. He sent $3,680 and $1,800 individually to two separate locations.

Mt. Washington (1903, 1914, 1915, 1807)

Theft from vehicle/criminal mischief – 70 blk. Westwood St. - between 8/9 at 8:00 AM and 8/10 at 9:30 AM – Victim states suspect smashed out the left rear window and took two key fobs belonging to a vehicle he had been leasing the past 4months but had been repossessed a couple days prior.

South Shore (1921)

Bon Air (1806)

Theft/criminal trespass/criminal mischief – 1100 blk. Saw Mill Run Blvd. - between 8/6 and 8/8 - Reporting person states suspect gained entry onto the property by cutting a hole in the fence. The suspect took the wheels off of a vehicle on the lot. Unk value.

South Side Slopes (1706, 1608)

Burglary – 30 blk. Holt St. - between 8/1 at 7:00 AM and 8/2 at 5:00 PM - Victim states suspect gained access to her residence by cutting the screen in a basement window and pushing the window open. The house was not ransacked. Taken were antique pieces of jewelry and $75 in change, unk value.

Theft from vehicle – 50 blk. Barry St. - between 8/7 at 9:00 PM and 8/8 at 7:00 AM – Victim states he had parked his car and later discovered it had been broken into. He said the window appears to have been forcibly rolled down for the suspect to gain access. Taken was a GPS unit and $150 which had bene in the glove compartment, along with an iPod touch pad. Value $420.

Theft from vehicle/criminal mischief – 2300 blk. Eccles St. - between 8/8 at 10:00 PM and 8/9 at 1:00 PM – Victim states suspect broken the rear window to gain access to the inside of his car and took a book of blank checks.

Theft from person (firearm) – 300 blk. Arlington Ave. - between 7/18 and 8/10 - Victim states stored his firearm in a lock box which he kept in a bedroom closet. He states no one had been up to his bedroom, however two friends had been in his house. He did not want to provide their names to the reporting officer. The firearm is a 9mm Ruger, valued at $400.

Theft from person/criminal trespass – 10 blk. Regina St.- 8/14 between 4:16 PM and 4:22 PM – Victim reports he saw the suspect peer into his window. The victim did not recognize him and got up to look outside to where the male was. When he did, he saw the suspect pushing his bicycle off his porch. The victim described the suspect to the officers and that he was also in possession of weed wackers. Officers did detain a male fitting the description carrying weed wackers and pushing a lawnmower. The victim came to the scene and ID'd the suspect as being who he saw peer into his window and take his bicycle. The bike could not be located. Arrested was 42 y.o. Victor Benedetto from the Southside Slopes area.

South Side Flats (1609, 1702)

Theft from vehicle – 2800 blk. Jane St. - between 8/9 at 5:00 PM and 8/10 at 7:30 AM – Victim states she accidentally left her car unlocked and the suspect gained entry into the car taking $5 in change which had been in a cup holder.

Stolen auto – 50 blk. S. 19th St. - 8/9 between 7:20 AM and 7:25 AM – Victim states he had started his car, left it running and went back inside his house briefly and when he returned, the car was gone. PA plate, HPV4333, 2010 silver Toyota Corolla. *Recovered on 8/10 on Mutual St. In Zone 6. Arrested for receiving stolen property, was a 17 y.o. BM juvenile. He was released to a parent due to Shuman center not accepting him. There were 3 other juveniles in the vehicle and weren't charged.

Theft from vehicle – 50 blk. S. 19th St. - between 8/8 at 11:30 PM and 8/9 at 7:30 AM – Victim states the suspect gained access into his Jeep Wrangler and took $20 in change from the center console. The vehicle was rummaged through. He believes his vehicle was locked.

Theft by deception – 1200 blk. Clinton St. - between 7/10 and 7/20, reported 8/8 - Victim responded to a Craigslist Ad and believed he was paying to advertise on a person's vehicle. He was sent a check in the amount of $2250 and was told to send $1700 to another person in another state and he could keep the overage as his first payment for advertising. The victim followed those instructions and deposited the check and by wire, sent $1700 to the designated person. Once he discovered his bank account was negative $2250, he hasn't been in any contact with the suspect.

Theft from person – 50 blk. S. 18th St. - 8/10 between 8:00 AM and 2:00 PM – Victim states his unlocked bicycle was on his deck and it was stolen. The gate would have had to have been climbed over or another tenant may have left the gate open. Value $300.

Theft from person – 400 blk. S. 27th St. - between 8/3 and 8/10 - Victim states she had her bicycle locked to a bike rack and she came to find it was stolen. Mongoose bicycle valued at $110.

Theft from vehicle/access device fraud - S. 22nd at Sydney St. - between 8/9 and 8/11 - Victim states she found her car ransacked. It is unknown how the suspect gained entry. A Sunoco card was taken and used at a nearby location. $25 was also taken.

Aggravated assault – E. Carson at S. 21st Sts. - 8/13 at 2:00 AM – Officers responded to a report of shots fired where they found the victim with gunshot wounds to the abdomen and ankle. The victim refused any cooperation as to who shot him or where the incident occurred. He also refused to provide any of his contact information. Victim was in stable condition with non-life threatening injuries.

Stolen auto – S. 19th and Sarah Sts. - between 8/13 at 8:00 PM and 8/14 at 10:00 AM – Victim reports his vehicle was stolen. Onstar located it outside the city and was to advise the police agency.

Robbery/simple assault – S. 19th and Sarah Sts. - 8/14 between 1:30 AM and 2:00 AM – Victim reports as he was walking, the suspect approached him and elbowed him in the face causing him to fall. The suspect took the victim's wallet out of his pocket and took $70 out of it. The suspect fled on foot.

Theft from vehicle – 3700 blk. Harcum Way – between 8/10 at 10:00 PM and 8/11 at 10:00 AM – Victim reports her car was broken into and her laptop was taken. There were no signs of forced entry and the victim said she did lock the car. Value $1,530.

Theft from vehicle – 3700 blk. Harcum Way – between 10:00 PM and 10:00 AM – Victim reports he had left his car locked and when he returned to it, it had been broken into. The car owner's manual was taken. No sign of forced entry.

Allentown (1803)

Aggravated assault – 200 blk. Millbridge St. - 8/9 at 11:27 PM – Victim states he was shot at by two suspects. He stated they were black to the 911 call taker then told officers they were asian. He said they shot at him then fled on foot. The victim was not injured and two parked vehicles were damaged by gunshots.

Theft from person – 100 blk. Beltzhoover Ave. - between 8/5 and 8/8 - Victim states she was at a friend's house and had fallen asleep. She later discovered her purse had been dumped and $65 taken.

Theft by deception/identity theft – 600 blk. Industry St. - 8/13 between 10:45 AM and 6:00 PM – Victim states she responded to Facebook post telling her she had won $100,000. She contacted someone through the post and was asked to provide her name, date of birth, social security number and her bank account numbers. She did. She later discovered it was a scam.

Stolen auto – 700 blk. Excelsior St. - 8/13 at 4:43 AM – Victim states she heard her parked car pull away. She looked out to see it was gone. She said the doors were locked and the windows were up. Inside the car was her laptop and cellphone. Value $1,700.

Robbery/simple assault – 700 blk. Warrington Ave. - 8/12 at 7:30 PM - Victims state they were jumped by 10 female suspects when they came out of the store. While they were being attacked, their purchases were taken from them. Value $11.98.

Mount Oliver (1607)

Arlington (1603)

Theft from person – 2800 blk. Spring St. - 8/8 - Victim states FedEx delivered her package to the wrong location of her building and believes another tenant my have taken the misdelivered package. In the package was a prescription, unknown value.

Arlington Heights (1604)

Theft from person/access device fraud – 3000 blk. Arlington Ave. - between 8/7 at 5:36 PM and 8/8 at 12:00 PM - Victim had given her fiance permission to use her SSI debit card to make a purchase. The fiance later stated he couldn't find the card. The next day the victim called and discovered the card had been used at several locations for purchases. Total lost $300.

Robbery of a motor vehicle (carjacking) - 3000 blk Arlington Ave. - 8/11 between 10:20 PM and 10:24 PM – Victim was driving his car for Uber at the time when he dropped his fare off on E. Carson St. 4 BM suspects got into the car and insisted he ride them to a location. He told them they needed to go through Uber, however they insisted and officered him cash. He accepted. He was directed to Arlington Ave. At Cordell Place when they told him to stop, give them his keys, phone and to get out of the car. They told him they had a gun, although it was not seen. The victim got out of the car and smashed his phone on the ground and fled from the scene. The suspects are described as being between 18 and 23 y.o. The suspects fled in the victim's car at a high rate of speed.

Beltzhoover (1809)

Aggravated assault – Cedarhurst at Curtain Ave. - 8/10 at 2:45 PM – Officers responded to the report of shots fired with a victim shot. Upon their arrival, they found the victim with gunshot wound to his leg and stomach. Witness accounts were the victim's vehicle turned onto Cedarhurst Ave. and was shot at. The vehicle crashed into a house damaging a gas line and the victim sought help. The suspect was seen fleeing on foot with a black firearm at his side. Officers on scene located a black firearm in the immediate vicinity. The victim was in stable condition at a hospital.

Carrick (2901, 2902, 2904)

Theft from person – 2000 blk. Westmont St. - 8/9 between 12:00 AM and 12:45 PM – Victim states suspect took 2 bicycles from her front porch. Value $200.

Aggravated assault – Stewart Ave. At Bethesda St. - 8/8 at 1:30 PM – Officers responded to the report of two males shooting at each other in the area. Upon their arrival, Victim #1 was uncooperative and refused to say how he was grazed in the foot by a bullet and refused to say who had been shooting. Victim #2 reports hearing gunshots and when he came outside, he saw his vehicle was damaged by a bullet. It was discovered victim #1 had an outstanding warrant. He was escorted to the ACJ.

Aggravated assault/simple assault/terroristic threats – The victim was crossing the street when he was struck by the suspect vehicle. The vehicle turned around in the parking lot and came towards him again. The victim jumped out of the way. The passenger got out and approached the victim with a knife, swinging it at him. The driver fled with the car. Surveillance video captured the incident.

Theft from vehicle – 1600 blk. Westmont Ave. - between 8/12 at 11:00 PM and 8/13 at 11:51 AM – Victim states suspect took the registration plate off of his car. PA plate DZV1192.

Theft from person – 1600 blk. Leolyn St. - 8/11 between 1:00 AM and 4:45 AM – Victim states she allowed a friend/suspect stay over her house and when she woke up , she discovered her credit card, cellphone and prescription was gone.

Knoxville (3001)

Theft from person – 100 blk. Charles St. - between 8/1 and 8/8 - Victim states he was voluntarily moving out of his apartment. When he returned after being informed that he didn't have to leave until he was evicted, he found his remaining items were missing. He believes his landlord is the suspect. Missing are 12 boxes of books, clothing, and personal pictures.

Overbrook (3204, 3207)

Theft from business – 2200 blk. Saw Mill Run Blvd. - between 8/8 at 6:30 PM and 8/9 at 9:00 AM – Reporting person states suspect(s) stole auto parts from the vehicles that were parked on the property. Taken were 2 catalytic converters and 2 resonators. Unk value.

Burglary – 200 blk. Georgette St. - 8/13 between 5:00 PM and 7:00 PM – Victim reports someone gained access to her residence. It was observed there were pry marks along the rear entry door. Nothing appears to be missing at this time.

St. Clair (1606)


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