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Last updated 8/8/2016 at 5:32pm

16th Ward

Alexis Salas et al. to Matthew Swaoger at 1950 Arlington Ave. for $36,700.

Pittsburgh Property Guy LLC to Richard Schweikert and Sherrie Flick at 48 Holt St. for $50,000.

Estate of Donald Wrzesinski to Michael Jurcevich et al. and Joshua Dott at 2508 Mission St. for $163,000.

Pittsburgh City to Alphonso and Marcia Reese at 722 Ormsby Ave. for $200 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $10,900).

Edward Johnson to L3 Holdings Ltd. at 410 Parkwood Road for $22,500.

17th Ward

Jonathan Thomas to Paragon Relocation Resources Inc. at 1710 Fox Way for $355,000.

Estate of Mark Storey to Jacqueline Pike and Vincent Ragosta at 1711 Merriman St. for $338,000.

Hastings Management Inc. to David Edward Murray at 115 S. 12th St. for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $158,000).

Joseph Lloyd to Michael Barber Jr. and Sherri Barber at 1712 South Shore Court for $310,000.

Lucy Fortino to Milika and Mrunal Rawal at 1812 Wharton St. for $210,000.

18th Ward

LRM Real Estate Ventures LLC to Adam and Nicole Stephenson at 822 Eureka St. for $55,000.

Beltzhoover Preservation Trust #523 to Bruce Winterhalter at 523 Industry St. for $10,000.

19th Ward

Ian Smith to Daniel Engel at 132 Bigham St. for $171,125.

Bradley Street LLP to Matthew and Laine Pacella at 414 Bradley St. for $470,000.

Richard Milesky Jr. to Kim Tennyson at 1000 Grandview Ave. 1003 for $250,000.

Chatham Village Homes Inc. to Todd Schweitzer at 444 Olympia Road Unit 805 for $0 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $51,548).

Richard Zange to Samir Hadeed and Sahar Elias at 1 Trimont Lane Unit 560D for $305,000.

Paige Honeywell Kress to Kaylie Mathews at 342 Woodruff St. for $89,000.

29th Ward

Aros Bartello to Andrea Suhoski at 1519 Amanda Ave. for $59,000.

My Own Dominion L.P. to Minthu Hoang at 116 Carrick Ave. for $12,000.

JG Gemini 2 LLC to CZ Realty LLC at 1703 Concordia St. for $30,000.

William Rau et al. to Midfirst Bank at 1715 Mt. Joseph St. for $3,444 by sheriff’s deed.

Bonnie Lee Leavy et al. to Raible Realty Investments LLC at 2312 Spokane Ave. for $24,500.

30th Ward

Alice Hucko to Knox Trust #100148 at 148 Charles St. for $12,000.

Leslie Kiser to Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. trustee at 335 Orchard Place for $1,838 by sheriff’s deed.

Mt. Oliver

Federal National Mortgage Assn. to West Penn Invest Co. at 202 St. Joseph St. for $27,500.


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