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16th Ward

CostSun Group LLC to Richard and Rebecca Levine Sunseri at 2325 Jane St. for $116,000.

Lauren Gorgol Moeller to Blue Dog Gamma L.P. at 2303 Larkins Way for $212,500.

Lindsay Ann Weichler to Kirk Yogan at 2250 Mary St. 115 for $231,080.

17th Ward

Kyle McGee to Jessica Saba and Jeffrey Pipe at 37 18th St. S #2601 for $375,000.

Lauren Riordan Smith to Scott McMullan at 1807 Edwards Way for $225,000.

Pittsburgh City to Snail Houses LLC at 34 Hackstown St. for $26,000.

Jason Reefer to Bradley Matta at 1811 Jane St. for $412,750.

Michael DeLecce to Matthew Pirollo and Dianne Pham at 1922 Wharton St. for $246,000.

18th Ward

Robert Anderson to David Grafton at 13 Bailey Ave. for $301,000.

Bayview Loan Servicing LLC to Vladyslav Kryvovyaz at 428 Kathleen St. and 428 1/2 for $100,600.

19th Ward

Judith Nolla to Key Point Real Estate LLC at 433 Grace St. for $37,500.

Matthew Alan Blakeley to April Tantalo at 355 Republic St. for $159,285.

29th Ward

Ilce Paliza Quintanilla to Michael Sellers and Laura Cabrera at 1704 Mt. Joseph St. for $45,000.

Mark Goyak to Denise Anderson at 1710 Mt. Joseph St. for $74,000.

Keith Ronald Phillips to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. at 115 Wynoka St. for $3,169 by sheriff’s deed.

30th Ward

Bones First Pennsylvania LLC to MCLA Properties LLC at 340 Rochelle St. for $70,000.

Mt. Oliver

LeMiamer L.P. to James Plater at 141 Margaret St. for $56,000.


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