Zone 3 Community Crime Alerts July 11-17


The following are the Part I crimes for the week of: July 11th, 2016 thru

July 17th, 2016.

Duquesne Heights (1911)

Theft from vehicle – 200 blk. Shaler St. – between 7/14 at 8:00 PM and 7: AM – Victim reports his vehicle was broken into and $40 and an adaptor were stolen. No damage was observed to the vehicle.

Theft from vehicle – 200 blk. Augusta St. – 7/15 between 12:00 AM and 5:30 AM – Victim states the suspect stole 4 different prescriptions from the center console of his car while parked overnight.

Theft form vehicle – 300 blk. Sweetbriar St. – between 7/14 at 11:00 PM and 7/15 at 7:15 AM – Victim states his truck was unlocked while it was parked overnight. Suspect stole his wallet which contained 6 credit cards, 2 debit cards, $40, and $20 in change.

Mt. Washington (1903, 1914, 1915, 1807)

Theft from vehicle – 100 blk. Olympia St. – 7/15 between 12:00 AM and 7:03 AM – Victim states he had left his car unlocked and discovered his driver’s door open. Missing from inside the car was $20 in change and his wallet which was in the center console. Inside the wallet were 3 credit cards and 2 debit cards.

Theft from vehicle – 400 blk. Oneida St. – between 7/14 at 8:00 PM and 7/15 at 7:00 AM – Victim believes she had left her car unlocked overnight. When she got inside in the morning, she discovered it had been ransacked. Missing was $700 in gift cards in addition to her purse and wallet.

Theft from vehicle – 100 blk. Boggs Ave. – between 7/12 at 6:00 PM and 7/13 at 12:00 PM – The victim reports his vehicle was left unlocked while parked overnight. He discovered his wallet was missing which contained his ID and medical cards.

Theft from person – 10 blk. Prospect St. – between 7/12 and 7/13 – Victim reports a friend had stayed at his home. The victim reports a lock box was missing from the closet. Inside the lock box was $1500. The victim refuses prosecution and became uncooperative due to the friend having a drug problem and being on parole.

Theft from vehicle – 200 blk. Sycamore St. – 7/14 between 2:00 AM and 7:55 AM – Victim states she left her car unlocked while it was parked outside of her residence. Missing was an unknown amount of change.

Theft from vehicle/criminal mischief – 10 blk. Penelope St. – between 7/13 at 1:00 PM and 7/14 at 5:54 AM - Victim states she did lock her car when she had parked it in front of her house. Victim found her purse, which had been hidden under the seat pulled out and items scattered throughout. Taken was her wallet which contained her driver’s license, 2 bank cards, medical card, social security card, Sam’s membership card, and a conceal carry permit. No forced entry was observed. There was a key broken off in the ignition which did not belong to her car which prevented her car from starting.

Theft from vehicle – 600 blk. Ennis St. – between 7/13 at 11:00 PM and 7/14 at 8:00 AM – Victim reports an ongoing problem of cars being broken into. She reports her laptop was stolen out of her car while it was parked overnight in front of her residence. No forced entry was observed. Value $1700.

Stolen auto – 40 blk. Wyoming St. – 7/15 at 5:23 PM – Victim states he left his car running with the key in the ignition while he went back inside his apartment. When he came back outside, he saw his car being driven away. Inside the car was his Iphone. PA plate GJZ5092, 2016 Ford Fusion.

Theft from vehicle (attempt) – 600 blk. Boggs Ave. – 7/13 at 5:00 AM – Victim reports she found her car unlocked and the interior ransacked. Nothing was stolen. A neighbor saw a male and female trying door handles on cars in the area.

Theft from vehicle/criminal mischief – 600 blk. Mindora St. – between 7/13 at 11:00 PM and 7/14 at 6:00 AM – Reporting person states his girlfriend’s car had been broken into. Taken was a cell phone, ignition key and a key fob.

South Shore (1921)

Theft from person – 200 blk. Station Square Dr. – 7/14 at 9:00 PM – Victim states he left his cell phone, hooded sweatshirt, ID card, Access card, and payroll Visa card on a bench outside. He went inside to use the restroom and when he returned, his items were stolen.

South Side Flats (1609, 1702)

Theft from person – 2400 blk. E. Carson St. – 7/17 between 3:00 PM and 5:00 PM – Victim states he secured his bicycle on the side of the building where he works. He later noticed his bicycle was gone. Black Diamondback Joker with red lettering. Value $250.

Theft from vehicle/criminal mischief – 2600 blk. Water St. – between 7/11 and 7/12 – Victim had left his truck parked in a lot overnight. He discovered someone had pried open the toolbox in the bed of the truck and took all of the tools from within. Value $2500.

Theft from person – 50 blk. S. 19th St. – between 7/1 and 7/11 – Victim reports items missing from her home which she believes were taken by a family member. There were no signs of forced entry. Stolen were 2 gold chains, foreign coins, $5.00 silver certificate, 5-$2 bills, silver earrings with black diamonds, old sterling solver ring with a diamond in the middle, sterling silver dog paw pendant with black diamonds, 5 shotguns. Unknown value.

Theft from person – 20 blk. S. 10th St. – 7/12 between 9:00 AM and 9:45 AM – Victims report they had left their wallets in their hotel room to have breakfast in the hotel. After they had checked out of the hotel, they noticed money missing from their wallets. They contacted the hotel and they have the suspect on video surveillance. Value $80.

Stolen auto – S. 16th St. at Bingham St. – 7/14 between 2:00 AM and 7:30 AM – Victim returned to where he had parked his car and it was gone. PA plate KBL0311, 2002 gray Ford Taurus.

Robbery – 100 blk. S. 12th St. – 7/15 at 9:50 PM – Victim states he had been standing outside of his residence when he was approached by a suspect with a box cutter to his neck. The suspect demanded whatever he had on him and the victim told him to take whatever was in his pockets. The suspect took $100 and fled on foot. Suspect is described as a WM, with a buzz haircut, sideburns, wearing cargo shorts and a gray/brown t-shirt.

Theft from person – 1700 blk. E. Carson St. – 7/16 between 3:00 AM and 3:10 AM – Victim states she had set down her wallet and cellphone in the restaurant. She did not see who took them.

Theft from business – 10 blk. S. 6th St. – between 7/16 at 7:00 PM and 4:30 AM – Business owner reports his Bluetooth speaker was missing and it had been there when he had left the previous evening. No sign of forced entry. Value $500.

Robbery – 1500 blk. E. Carson St. – 7/14 between 2:00 AM and 2:16 AM – Victim states the suspect approached him and snatched money out of his hand. Arrested was 27 y.o. Larry Johnson of Carrick.

South Side Slopes (1608, 1706)

Burglary – 2300 blk. Berg St. – 7/16 at 12:55 AM – Victim states someone smashed the window in the rear door and gained access to the residence. Taken was an Xbox game system and various jewelry valued at $160.

Theft from person – 1900 blk. St. Paul St. – 7/14 between 1:00 PM and 4:00 PM – Victim reports a bicycle was stolen off of his front porch. Value $300.

Theft from person – Mission St. Bridge area – 7/8 between 8:00 PM and 11:35 PM – Victim states he had lost his dog in the area and found a post on Facebook from someone claiming their friend had found the dog. The person is refusing to tell the victim where the dog is.

Allentown (1803)

Stolen auto – 10 blk. Renwick St. – between 7/11 at 10:30 PM and 7/12 at 6:30 AM – Victim reports her car was stolen. PA plate PD5515H, 2005 red, Jeep Cherokee.

Beltzhoover (1809)

Theft from person – 200 blk. Freeland St. – between 7/11 at 11:00 PM and 7/12 at 12:00 PM – Victim reports suspect entered her back yard and took 2 outdoor umbrellas. Value unk.

Theft by deception – 200 blk. Climax St. – between 7/10 and 7/13 – Victim states the suspect had contacted her numerous times informing her she won a truck and she needed to pay money in order to receive it. She did pay a total of $500 in 3 transactions through Western Union. It was later discovered this was a scam. The money was wired to Jamaica.

Stolen auto/Theft from vehicle – 500 blk. Industry St. – 7/17 between 3:00 AM and 3:15 AM – Victim states the suspect took stole her car from in front of her residence. It is apparent the vehicle’s security system shut down the car and it was found across the street from her address in an empty lot. She checked the car and it appears $5 was missing and possible damage was done to the car due to a new noise coming from it.

Aggravated assault – 300 Boggston St. – 7/17 between 5:20 PM and 5:30 PM – Witnesses state the suspect had a baseball bat and struck the victim multiple times about his head and arms. The suspect is known to the victim. The victim received medical treatment and a warrant was issued for the suspect.

Arlington (1603)

Robbery of Motor Vehicle/Aggravated Assault – 1900 blk. Arlington Ave. – 7/11 at 9:55 PM – Victim states he was getting into his rental car when he was approached from behind by two suspects who punched him. They took his car keys from him and fled in the victim’s rental car.

Arlington Heights (1604)

Theft from vehicle – 2600 blk. Sidney St. – 7/15 between 7:52 PM and 10:06 PM – Victim returned to her parked car to discover the right rear window had been broken out. Taken from the car was her purse which had been sitting on the back seat. Value $600.

Mt. Oliver City (1607)

Burglary – 400 blk. Walde St. – 7/16 between 8:00 AM and 9:40 PM – Victim states someone broke into his residence and stole two handguns. Value $1200.

Bon Air (1806)

Theft from vehicle – 400 blk. Conniston Ave. – 7/12 between 3:00 AM and 3:05 AM – Victim reports the suspect gained entry into his car by smashing a cement block through the left front window. Stolen was a pellet gun and change. Value $80.

Carrick (2901, 2902, 2904)

Burglary – 2600 blk. Brownsville Rd. – 7/11 between 7:00 AM and 7:45 PM – Victim reports someone broke the second floor bedroom window and gained entry into his residence. Missing was a Playstation 3 and 8 games. Value $230.

Burglary – 2000 blk. Brownsville Rd. – 7/11 between 7:00 AM and 7:10 AM – Victim states he woke to find a known suspect looking inside of a location where he kept a lock box. The suspect said he was looking for his phone. The victim had not given permission to be inside his residence. After the suspect left, the victim checked the lock box and found $2800 was gone. Pry marks were found on the front door of the victim’s apartment.

Theft from person – 1400 blk. Nobles Lane – 7/11 between 8:00 AM and 12:00 PM – Victim states he had being using drugs all day long and was unconscious at times. He states someone had taken money out of his wallet while he was passed out.

Burglary – 1600 blk. Nobles Lane between 7/11 at 10:00 PM and 7/14 at 12:30 AM – Victim reports suspect broke into his apartment while he was gone. He found the suspect had taken his prescription and $60.

Theft from person – 100 blk. Wynoka St. – 7/15 - Victim states someone had taken a Playstation 2, 10 games, and 10 movies. Victim believes the items were taken by a known suspect to support their drug habit. The victim did track down all of his stolen items at a resale shop. The business owner stated all of the items were there.

Stolen auto – Overbrook Blvd and Brownsville Rd. – 7/16 between 3:35 PM and 3:39 PM – Victim states he left his car running due to mechanical issues, and went into the store. When he came back outside, the car was gone. PA plate JRN8214, 2006 light blue Chevrolet trailblazer.

Theft from vehicle – 1600 blk. Leolyn St. – between 7/16 at 9:00 PM and 7/17 at 8:30 AM – Victim states someone enter her unlocked car and stole 3 watches and a ring. Value $275.

Stolen auto – 2400 Edgar St. – 7/16 between 1:00 PM and 2:00 PM – Victim reports her car was stolen out of her garage, the garage door was open. The keys were not with the vehicle. PA plate GXF9339, 2006 Nissan Maxima.

Overbrook (3204, 3207)

Theft from person – 2600 blk. Ivyglen St. - between 7/11 and 7/14 – Victim reports her bank statement shows a fraudulent withdraw of money in Miami, Fl. The victim had not been in Florida. Loss $102.50.

Theft from person/access device fraud/identity theft – 600 blk. Tyro Way – between 7/1 and 7/5 (reported 7/14) – Victim reports suspect made 5 unauthorized money withdrawals from his bank account. Loss $900.

St. Clair (1606)

Knoxville (3001)

Burglary – 200 blk. Jucunda St. – 7/12 between 3:00 PM and 3:30 PM – Victim reports suspect gained entry and took various tools. Taken was an air compressor, 3 nail guns, air compressor cord, 2 power drills and various hand tools. Value $1050.

Theft from person/access device fraud – 200 blk. Reifert St. – between 7/11 at 10:30 PM and 11:30 AM – Victim attempted to withdraw funds from his bank account and was informed he had insufficient funds. He was informed a transaction occurred in which the suspect withdrew $360, he did not give anyone permission to use his bank card to withdraw his money.

Theft from person – 100 blk. Rochelle St. – 7/16 between 12:15 AM and 12:25 AM - Victim states a neighbor took his prescriptions from the door pocket of his car.

Burglary (business) – 2000 blk. Saw Mill Run Blvd. – 7/13 between 12:00 AM and 10:00 AM – Victim states suspect forced entry through a panel in the garage door then through the office door. Taken was a television, computer, and miscellaneous tools for car repairs.


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