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By Margaret L. Smykla
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Brownsville Rd. project continuing, new sidewalks are coming up next


Last updated 7/25/2016 at 5:31pm

The July 18 Mt. Oliver council meeting began with the police report for June.

 Mayor James Cassidy said there were 692 total calls and 62 drug-related arrests, the latter for the seizure of marijuana, crack cocaine, heroin, and drug paraphernalia. More than half of the drug arrests were from traffic stops.

 There were also 25 domestic calls, another nine for criminal mischief, and four robberies.

 All police equipment is up and running. All officer training is up-to-date.

 Councilman Nick Viglione said the police are cruising through Ormsby Park and, as a result, it is doing well. He told police Chief Matthew Juzwick to tell the other officers they are doing a good job.

 Two months ago, a couple who lives near the park complained to council more police patrols are needed in the park as youngsters are throwing rocks, breaking windows, and engaging in other delinquent behavior.

 In the engineer’s report, council voted unanimously to approve payment to Osiris Enterprises for $64,701.70 for street repair work completed until July 1, 2016.

 The job was expected to be completed in mid-July to allow for the restoration of the roadways by the utility companies.

 Council also voted unanimously to approve payment to Soli Construction for $7,611.77 for emergency repairs to the storm sewer manhole at Amanda Ave. and Goldbach St. The damage occurred during a large storm.

 In fire department news, a $10 per ticket raffle will be held on Aug. 9. The tickets are for Steelers season tickets, and $1,000 cash. They may be purchased on Thursday evenings at the fire hall, the municipal building, or via the department’s Facebook page.

 In the treasurer report, Diane Holzer said 73 percent of taxes have been collected so far, or $644,000, which is ahead of last year’s pace. The goal this year is to collect $800,000.

 In the code enforcement report from inspector Chuck Knaus for June 10 to July 1, Councilman David Beltz reported there were 49 violation/notices, 20 rental licenses (38 units), 18 complaints, 45 citations, four occupancy permits, one zoning permit, 12 legal citations, and two building permits.

 Mr. Beltz said the property maintenance code is being looked at, and some final items will be presented to council.

Audience member and former councilman Frank Bernardini said a Stamm Ave. property owner told him he was cited for high grass on the side of his property, but the property where the high grass lies is not his.

 Council said Mr. Knaus will look into the matter.

 In the public safety report, Chief Juzwick said in response to the shooting in the neck of a six-year-old girl on Zara St. in Knoxville, a peaceful gathering was held at the clock tower in Mt. Oliver. He said the consensus among the participants was that the adults need to take control of their neighborhood.

 In public works, Councilman Justin Viale reported starting on July 25, the borough will replace all of the sidewalks in the 100-200 blocks of Brownsville Rd., after which the space will be repaved.

 The replacement of the storm sewer pipe in the 100-200 blocks was to be completed that day.

 Next, council unanimously approved a two-year lease agreement between the borough and TC Candy for 101 Brownsville Rd., a former bank building.

 The candy company plans to make and sell candy at the site. It plans to open in a month.

 Council also voted to replace Public Works’ 2001 Husqvarna tractor with a Husqvarna R332T. The cost will be $4,860. It is a somewhat better model and has all-wheel drive, which will make it much easier to go up and down the hills in the park.

 In public hearings, Mr. Bernardini asked how many times civil service attorney David Mitchell has been contacted regarding legal advice. Council President Amber McGough said he is consulted when needed.

 Next, a resident said new neighbors allow their two dogs to roam without leashes. The dogs come into his yard and fight with his dogs.

 Chief Juzwick said to call 911 when the dogs are on other people’s property. He will speak first to the owner before talk begins about going to court.

 “They’re just not good neighbors,” the resident said.

 He also reminded council he spoke at a meeting two months ago about cars being parked in front of his driveway and garage.

 Mrs. McGough said council is trying to determine what steps to take as there are similar situations on the street.

 The next council meeting will be on Aug. 15.


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