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16th Ward

Emily Dentel Regrut to Nayel Khan et al. and Abdul Khan at 2323 Eccles St. for $157,000.

Leroy Mellix Jr. to Robert Swope at 317 Felmeth St. for $10,000.

Atallah Khalil to Marc Caputo at 2821 Jane St. for $107,150.

Atallah Khalil to Marc Caputo at 2825 Jane St. for $107,150.

Brandon Guiliani to Thomas Fuchel Jr. at 2914 Mary St. for $216,000.

Casey Estep to American International Relocation Solut at 86 S. 24th St. for $344,900.

American International Relocation Solut to Jennifer Richnafsky at 86 S. 24th St. for $344,900.

Robert Fullwood et al. to Michael Halperin at 2102 Sidney St. for $314,900.

Mary Lou Simon to Steven McLuckie at 2618 Stromberg St. for $40,000.

17th Ward

Mark Sturdevant to Ryan Reitz at 120 15th St. S 303 for $333,000.

Vincent Gongola to Alparslan Asan at 1026 Bingham St. for $242,500.

Glenn Geary Jr. to Patrick Garrett at 2113 Crossman St. for $230,000.

David Boyd to Nicholas Grant LLC at 117 S. 11th St. for $100,000.

Charles Gehring to Thomas Dymerski trustee at 1911 St. Paul St. for $27,000.

Steel River Properties LLC to Tracey and Caroline Brent Chessum at 6 Sharon St. for $119,000.

Carol Gray McCarthy to Andrew Blandino et al. and Bruce Allen Blandino at 1723 Wharton Ave. for $284,000.

18th Ward

Kenneth Beck to SSHT Community Partn. LLC at 1517 Arlington Ave. for $10,000.

Roseanne Johnston to Edward Barca at 327 Camfield St. for $96,500.

Estate of Gladys Jeffress to Julius R Rogers at 516 Delmont Ave. for $7,000.

19th Ward

Joshua Zugai to Tiffany Monique and Chris Thompson at 327 Albert St. for $112,000.

Housing & Urban Development to Edward Sasinoski at 341 Boggs Ave. for $112,515.

Pittsburgh City to Synergy Capital L.P. at 456 Grace St. for $25,800.

Roxanna Thompson to Patricia Suzanne Chesko at 818 Grandview Ave. for $800,000.

Scott Wroblewski to Jesse and Stephanie Streeter at 412 Meridan St. for $100,000.

Chatham Village Homes Inc. to Danelle Ann Ardell at 626 Olympia Road Unit 3506 for $0 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $51,548).

Jacob Sweeney to Christopher John Piccoli at 86 Westwood St. for $132,000.

29th Ward

Wells Fargo Bank NA to Tam Luong at 356 Linnview Ave. for $31,250.

Hali Frederick Hindermyer to Jacob Pekarovich at 339 Merritt Ave. for $69,900.

Lisay Garvin trustee to Brandy Bailey at 2055 Rehman St. for $88,000.

Alice Lewellen to Fedorek & Daughters at 141 Wynoka St. for $22,000.

30th Ward

Diane Lewis to Michael Whitelock at 147 Zara St. for $15,000.

Mt. Oliver

Mary Ann Orton to Mt. Oliver Borough at 225 Brownsville Road for $79,900.

Linday Jolly to David Martin Baker at 511 Margaret St. for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $47,306).


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