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Last updated 7/8/2016 at 9:52am

The following are the Part I crimes for the week of: June 20, 2016 thru

June 26, 2016.

Duquesne Heights (1911)

Mt. Washington (1903, 1914, 1915, 1807)

Theft from person – 400 blk. Bailey Ave. - between 6/19 at 11:15 PM and 6/20 at 12:20 AM – Victim states a known suspect was in his house and while she was there, he believes she took $280 from a desk in his bedroom.

Theft from vehicle – 50 blk. Greenbush St. – between 6/9 at 7:00 PM and 6/10 at 8:00 AM (reported 6/20) – Victim states he had parked his car and had locked it. He found it unlocked and someone had gained access to the inside of his car. Missing were various gas gift cards, loose change, and various clothing were taken. Value $250.

Theft from vehicle – 50 blk. Greenbush St. - between 6/10 at 9:00 PM and 6/11 at 7:00 AM (reported 6/20) – Victim states she found her car unlocked and someone had gained access to the inside and took a pair of Rayban sunglasses, $30, and a cell phone charger. Total value $380.

Aggravated assault – 200 blk. Ottawa St. – 6/21 at 7:00 PM – Victim states she was on her porch when she was approached by 4 suspects. They accused her of stealing from one of the suspect’s mother. They dragged her off of her glider where had been seated and punched and kicked her. They fled the scene. The victim sustained a laceration to her head.

Theft from person – 100 blk. Virginia Ave. – 6/20 between 10:30 am and 4:15 PM – Victim states he had been shopping and left his iPad mini in a shopping cart. He contacted the store and was told no one had turned it in. Value $350.

Burglary – 10 blk. Lelia St. – 6/21 between 7:45 AM and 8:15 AM – Victim states she left to go to the store. She returned to discover suspect got inside her residence through an open window. Take was a laptop computer, a prescription, and a purse containing credit cards and a checkbook.

Aggravated assault/recklessly andangering another person/possession of firearm by a minor/firearm not to be carried without a license – Boggs Ave. at Greenbush St. – 6/25 between 9:31 PM and 10:00 PM – Officers responded to shots fired. Victim #1 (19 y.o.) was located with a gunshot to the lower back. He was transported to the hospital and was in stable condition. The “witness”/friend of the victim was interviewed by officers. He said they were walking home from shopping when they were approached by three suspects who told them to give them their bags. A fight ensued and at one point victim #1 was shot. Victim #2 (15 y.o.) was located a short distance away. He was very uncooperative and did not want any police involvement. Officers watched video from a nearby business. What they observed did not coincide with what the witness was telling them. The officers observed the witness discharging a firearm numerous times. Now the suspect, he was detained. While in the patrol car, the suspect spontaneously stated the gun was at his house. Officers went there where they were given consent to search for the gun by the suspect’s mother. The gun was located, this being a Glock 42, .380 caliber. The 17 y.o. suspect was accepted to Shuman Center.

South Shore (1921)

South Side Flats (1702, 1609)

Theft from vehicle (Gun) – 2100 blk. Carey Way – 6/17 between 12:00 AM and 5:00 AM – Victim states he may have hit the wrong button on his fob and may not have locked his car. He discovered his firearm, which he had in the glove compartment, was missing. Kel-Tec P-3AT, .380 pistol, serial #KY044.

Robbery/Simple assault – 400 blk. Cinema Dr. – 6/23 between 3:15 PM and 3:23 PM – Employee states the suspect had walked around the store and purchased a t-shirt. When the suspect walked through the detectors, the alarm sounded. She approached him and noticed he had merchandise belonging to the store inside the bag which had not been purchased. A struggle for the items ensued and the suspect struck the employee 3 times in the chest with a fist. He fled the store with some of the merchandise.

Stolen auto – 50 blk. S. 14th St. – between 6/19 at 8:00 PM and 6/20 at 5:45 AM – Reporting person states someone took his company car overnight. He states the car was locked and he had the keys. PA plate FWK5153, 2007 silver Jeep Cherokee.

Theft from vehicle – S. 18th and Wrights Way – 6/22 between 5:00 PM and 5:17 PM – Reporting person states he had left a bank deposit from one of the businesses he manages while he went to another business. He returned to his car to find no forced entry, however the money was missing from the center console.

Theft from vehicle – 1800 blk. blk. Mary St. – 6/22 – Victim states someone entered his car and took a pair of wire cutters and $5 in change. The car doors had not been locked.

Theft by deception (scam) – 500 blk. E. Carson St. – 6/23 between 1:36 PM and 7:00 PM – The victim reports he received a phone call from suspect #1 claiming to be from Human Services for Homeland Security. The phone number was 209-644-2266. The suspect knew the victim’s DOB and social security number. The suspect convinced the victim that if he paid a $200 security deposit, he would receive $9000 from Homeland Security. The victim was instructed to go and get Itunes gift cards in the amount of $200. Within minutes of receiving the first phone call, a second call from suspect #2, requested an additional $200 in gift cards. The victim did purchase $400 in gift cards. He called the suspects back and provided the numbers on the gift cards. Shortly after, suspect #3 called the victim and stated he was suspect #1’s boss and needed an additional $450 to complete the transaction. The victim purchase additional cards and provided those numbers also. Again, suspect #3 called back requesting an additional $600. Again, the victim purchased gift cards and provided the numbers. A short time after, suspect #4 called stating they were from PNC bank, claiming they needed $999 in order to transfer funds into his account. This is when the victim realized something “shady” was going on. Total loss $2050.

Theft from vehicle – 1600 blk. E. Carson St. – 6/25 between 12:00 PM and12:15 PM – Victim states someone entered his car and took a book bag along with various personal papers and business cards. Value $50.

Theft from person – 1200 blk. E. Carson St. (rear) – 6/26 between 12:45 PM and 12:50 PM – Victim states he parked his bicycle and returned a short time later to find it had been taken. Attached to the bicycle was a bag which contained $20 and his driver’s license. Total loss $1520.

Theft from person – 1300 blk. E. Carson St. – between 6/24 and 6/26 – Victim states her purse had been stolen from a bar on 6/24. Her bank card was used at locations without her authorization. Inside her purse was her ID, social security card, health insurance card and $100. Amount charged on the bank card was approximately $250.

Aggravated assault/criminal conspiracy/terroristic threats/theft – S. 17th and Sarah St. – 6/26 between 2:15 AM and 2:19 AM – Victim reports he was in the rear passenger seat of a car at a stop sign when 4 males suspects began to bang on the trunk of the car. A female inside the car yelled at them to stop. They focused their attention on this female and called her vulgar names while another suspect opened the door and the victim stepped out. The suspects began to punch him repeatedly, and he was thrown to the ground and kicked. The victim’s cell phone had fallen to the ground and a suspect picked it up. At this time, the driver, in self-defense pulled out a knife and told the suspects to leave. One suspect lifted his shirt and told him he was going to shoot him although no gun was seen in his waist band. The suspects fled. The officers obtained a description and found them a block away. They were positively ID’d by the victim and were all incarcerated. Arrested were: 24 y.o. Evan Thiry of Frayne St., 22 y.o. Derek Jessep of Stanhope St., 27 y.o. Jahlil Jones of Greenfield Ave., and 21 y.o. Mark James of Bigelow St.

Theft from vehicle – 100 blk. S. 14th St. – between 6/25 at 8:00 PM and 6/26 at 3:00 PM – Victim states her cell phone was removed from her center console. No forced entry was observed. Unk value.

Robbery/criminal conspiracy – S. 16th and E. Carson Sts. – 6/26 between 4:30 AM and 4:35 AM – Victim states he was approached by 2 suspects who demanded his wallet. He complied. The suspects fled toward 17th St. The victim gave the officer a description which was provided over the radio. Officers located the suspects near 17th St. and a positive ID was made by the victim. The victims w3allet was located a block away and returned. Arrested was 18 y.o. Isaiah McDaniel of Wealth St. and 18 y.o. John Allen, III, of Sylvania St.

South Side Slopes (1608)

Theft by deception (scam) – 2400 blk. Cobden St. – 6/22 between 8:30 AM and 10:30 AM – Victim reports receiving automated phone calls claiming to be from the IRS. They state the IRS has filed a claim against them and to call back a number (202)864-0149. The victim believed this was a scam and reported the incident.

Theft from person – S. 21st St. under Mission St. bridge – 6/21 between 4:00 PM and 6:55 PM – Victims state they returned to their tents and discovered their belongings had been thrown around the area. Missing is a speaker with a head phone jack and a gold necklace. Value $325.

Allentown (1803)

Burglary – 90 blk. Beltzhoover Ave. – between 6/18 at 12:00 PM and 6/19 at 1:00 AM – Victim states she had people over her house to help cook for a function. They all had left for the function and when she returned later, she discovered her rear door was left unlocked. She found that her children’s 2 Kindles were missing. It is not known if someone made entry from the unlocked door or if it was someone who was helping cook earlier. Value $198.98

Theft from person – 300 Knox Ave. – between 6/22 at 7:00 PM and 8:00 AM – Victim states someone came into his yard and took a 1 Gal gas can and a potted plant. Value $20.

Burglary/criminal conspiracy/fleeing to elude a police officer/theft from person – 700 blk. Excelsior St. – 6/25 between 4:30 AM and 4:53 AM – Officers responded to a burglary in progress. They observed a car near the residence with the motor running. Officers approached this car and the driver drove off. A vehicle pursuit occurred with the suspect vehicle crashing into a parked car in Beltzhoover. The driver fled and officers took one female suspect into custody. A foot pursuit continued to the male suspect/driver into nearby woods. This suspect was not located. A witness to the burglary spoke with officers and stated they had heard a sound and looked to see two BF suspects attempting to break a window for a couple of minutes until it broke. One female crawled through and let the other female suspect in through the front door. The witness also described the male suspect/driver as entering into the residence. They had all come out carrying items in a white garbage bag, laundry basket, and some purses. The victim had come to her residence and spoke with police. She said she had been feuding with some individuals earlier and they had smashed out her window (this was reported to police). The female who had been detained at the crashed suspect car was ID’d by the witness as being one of the suspects who went into the house. Arrested is 18 y.o. Monique Green of Onyx Ave.

Robbery/Fleeing to elude police/firearm not to be carried without a license/receiving stolen property – 6/25 at 4:10 AM - An officer was on patrol when he observed a man standing over another man/victim lying on the sidewalk with his hand on him. As the officer approached, the suspect saw the officer and jumped into a car and fled. The victim stated that he had just been robbed with a gun. The officer pursued the suspect. The suspect fled down Arlington Ave. onto PJ McArdle roadway and crashed into a jersey barrier trying to turn right onto the Liberty bridge. The suspect started to flee on foot when the officer ordered him to stop and was under arrest. The suspect complied and he was placed in custody. The gun was also recovered. Arrested was 25 y.o. Aubree Deshawn Bey of Mount Vernon St.

Criminal homicide – 200 blk. Walter St. – 6/26 between 2:58 AM and 3:00 AM – Officers were dispatched to the area for shots fired. Radio indicated the victim was at a residence, to which officers responded. They found the victim in serious condition with gunshot wounds to his torso and head. He was transported to the hospital where he was pronounced deceased.

Beltzhoover (1809)

Arson – Bolivar Way and Delmont Ave – 6/20 at 6:05 AM – Witness states she saw two females walking away from a car on fire carrying a gas can. One female was heard to mention a cheating boyfriend and that he won’t be cheating again. The victim was not known at the time of the report due to illegible identifiers on the car.

Theft from vehicle (gun) – 800 blk. Gearing Ave. – between 6/19 at 9:00 PM and 6/20 at 8:00 AM – Victim states her car was left unlocked and discovered $200 missing from the center console and her gun missing from the glove compartment. Taurus pistol, 9mm.

Theft from vehicle – 800 blk. Estella Ave. – 6/20 between 2:30 AM and 9:50 AM – Victim states she was sure her car was locked, but hadn’t used it in a couple of days. In the morning, she saw her right front door wide open. Missing is a $2000 Louis Vuitton duffle bag and $2000 worth of designer clothing which had been inside of the bag. Total value $4000.

Theft from vehicle – 800 blk. Gearing Ave. – between 6/19 at 11:30 PM and 6/20 at 6:30 AM – Victim reports suspect gained entry into his truck and took 5 Apple IPhone cords and chargers, a pair of Aviator sunglasses, 5 pair of other sunglasses, and 2 camouflage hats. Value $120.

Stolen car – 100 blk. Freeland St. – between 6/20 at 10:00 PM and 6/21 at 10:45 AM – Victim states his car was stolen. PA plate JZV0756, 2002 black Ford Excursion.

Theft from person – 500 blk. Freeland St. – 6/20 between 2:30 PM and 4:30 PM – Victim states someone took an 8 foot wooden ladder from her front porch.

Burglary/stolen auto – 10 blk. Laverne St. – between 6/23 at 10:00 PM and 6/24 at 5:50 AM – Victim states suspect(s) gained entry into her residence while everyone was sleeping. The suspect took $280 and keys to her car. The suspect then took the car. It is unknown how the suspect had gotten into the house. PA plate JRZ4314, 2010 silver Dodge Caliber.

Arlington (1603)

Theft from vehicle – 2200 blk. Spring St. – 6/22 between 12:50 Am and 1:02 AM – Witnesses called for police for observing suspects enter into a neighbor’s parked car. They yelled at the suspects who then fled. The victim was notified and reports a gift card and a plastic tray from her console were missing. Video was taken of this incident.

Recklessly endangering another person/aggravated assault/discharging a firearm in the city/possessing instruments of a crime/receiving stolen property/former felon not to possess firearm – 300 blk. Clover St. – 6/25 between 1:35 PM and 1:41 PM – Officers responded to a shots fired call and were advised of arguing from a residence just prior to the shots being fired. Officers arrived on scene and a perimeter was set up. Movement was seen inside the residence and SWAT was requested to the scene. A female had come out of the house and spoke with officers, and gave permission to search the residence, which was cleared. A detached garage which was locked from within was located. Entry was made and the suspect was located. The female stated the suspect was her son. He was detained and a positive ID was made by a witness. Two victims had called 911 and spoke with officers on scene. There was to be an exchange of the custody of a child when the suspect began to argue with the male victim. The suspect came outside with a gun and fired multiple shots. The victims fled the scene to avoid being struck. Officers spoke with the suspect who stated he did not have a permit for the gun, he was a convicted felon and advised the gun may be stolen. Utilizing a K9, the gun was located. It was confirmed the gun was stolen and the suspect was incarcerated at the jail. Arrested was Azid Amir Smith, 25 y.o., from Clover St.

Arlington Heights (1604)

Carrick (2901, 2902, 2904)

Robbery – 100 blk. Birmingham St. – 6/21 between 8:30 PM and 8:45 PM – Victim states she was talking on her cellphone when the suspect walked up to her and grabbed the phone out of her hand. The suspect fled in an unknown direction. Value $250.

Burglary – 1600 blk. Brownsville Rd. – 6/24 between 3:00 PM and 4:47 PM – Victim states she allowed her twin sister to stay with them. The sister rented a 50” television and a play station from Rent A Center. The victim and her sister had a falling out and the sister was told to leave, to which she did. When no one was home, someone entered the residence and took the rented television and play station. Value $2370, as per Rent A Center.

Theft from vehicle – 2300 blk. Valera St. – 6/25 between 10:22 PM and 10:58 PM – Victim states a juvenile suspect took his cell phone from the inside of his truck. The victim provided video. Unk value.

Stolen auto – 400 blk. Arabella St. – between 6/7 at 11:00 PM and 6/8 at 9:30 AM (reported 6/25) – Victim reports her car had been stolen overnight. She discovered it missing in the morning and called to make a report. She was advised her car was involved in a crash on Saw Mill Run Blvd. Her vehicle had not been reported stolen at the time and was towed.

Robbery (business) – 1100 blk. Brownsville Rd. – 6/25 at 9:06 PM – Officers responded to a robbery of a business. Upon arrival they were advised by the employees that three suspects all wearing black hooded sweat shirts with the hoods pulled up and tied tightly entered the store with guns drawn and ordered everyone onto the floor. The employees complied. The suspects jumped the counters and got money from the registers. The suspects fled the business. Witnesses outside the business report what they observed. They saw the suspects being dropped off by an older gold or gray Jeep Cherokee. When the suspects left, they jumped over the guard rail in the parking lot to the street below. The suspects were reportedly wearing blue latex gloves. Although the business was closed, the door had been opened for a few minutes to empty the trash to the dumpster.

Overbrook (3204, 3207)

St. Clair (1606)

Knoxville (3001)

Theft by deception – 300 blk. Suncrest St. – 6/21 between 12:05 AM and 12:15 AM – Reporting person states he made a food delivery to an address and was given a $100 bill. He gave change in the amount of $68. He later discovered the $100 bill was counterfeit.

Robbery – Brownsville Rd. at Suncrest St. – 6/24 between 5:15 AM and 5:20 AM – Victim states she was at the bus stop when she saw a male who isn’t normally at the stop, walk over and sit on the steps of the church near the stop. She said she has never seen this male before. He stood up and started walking toward the victim. She looked directly at his face. She turned away and at that time, the suspect struck the victim in her face. She did not fall to the ground when she was struck and the suspect grabbed her and threw her to the ground. He grabbed her purse which was over her shoulder. He repeatedly told her to “let it go”. She refused. The suspect continued to strike her and she finally let the purse go. The suspect fled on foot to the rear of the church. The victim sustained cuts and abrasions and was in good condition. Inside her purse was a flowered pouch containing $9, a dark brown leather pouch containing her driver’s license, work ID, debit card, and a bank savings card, house keys, Samsung cell phone in dark red.


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