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Real estate transactions by RealStats


16th Ward

Karen Peter to JoAnn Evans at 2250 Mary St. Apt 213 for $248,000.

Donna Ducato to Robert Schreck Jr. at 2120 Sidney St. for $72,500.

Linda Wagner et al. to Brian Brandt at 25 Telescope St. for $165,000.

17th Ward

Steven Jarasiewicz to K Bennett Enterprises LLC at 56 Gregory St. for $45,000.

Estate of Florence Dziekonski to K Bennett Enterprises LLC at 58 Gregory St. for $45,000.

18th Ward

Tina Kilgore to SSHT Community Partn. LLC at 15 Allen St. for $21,000.

Three Rivers Capital Partn. L.P. to Zachary and Serena Leight at 91 Harwood St. for $174,900.

Penn Pioneer Enterprises LLC to SSHT Community Partn. LLC at 26 Millbridge St. for $25,000.

19th Ward

Robert Klein to John Smathers III at 55 Albert St. for $100,000.

Cynthia Embrey to Key Point Real Estate LLC at 605 Boggs Ave. for $60,000.

Robert Scott Thomas to Richard Gasperini Jr. at 129 Cohassett St. for $153,300.

Charles Dietrick to Brian Teyssier at 1000 Grandview Ave. 403 for $386,000.

John McGrath to John McGrath and James DelGreco at LaBelle St. for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $1,199).

Chatham Village Homes Inc. to Christopher Van Luven at 615 Olympia Road Unit 3801 for $0 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $51,548).

29th Ward

Kara Rossiter Bourquin to Gary Copeland at 342 Birmingham Ave. for $80,500.

Family Enterprise LLC to Legacy Ventures Group LLC at 1611 Oakhurst St. for $25,619.

Bank New York Mellon trustee to Donald Krapp at 1515 Transverse Ave. for $15,015.

Georgianna Lockhart to Julia Gefter and Mark Barsic at 1134 Trost Ave. for $18,000.

30th Ward

Shavalyea Wyatt Gilbert to Martin Sedano Arzon and Maria Guadalupe Robles Martinez at 214 Rochelle St. for $29,500.

Mt. Oliver

George Blumer Jr. to Raymond and Ann Fedele at 47 Elizabeth St. for $40,000.

John Huber to Brian and Brian Michael Huber at 605 Hays Ave. for $34,000.


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