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By Austin Vaught
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Carrick updated on library options, opening of Dairy District market


Last Monday’s Carrick Community Council (CCC) meeting provided several updates on local developments including plans for the Carrick Library, the opening of the Dairy District Open Market, and efforts to improve the Carrick business district.

The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh is in the process of deciding whether to purchase a new property for the Carrick Library or renovate its current location to allow for more space.

Mary Monaghan, assistant director for neighborhood libraries at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, said there are still two new locations under consideration. One is a private property at the corner of Madeline Street and Brownsville Road. The other is the dental laboratory next to the library’s present location.

The third option is to adjust the plans for the current location to allow for more space. All three options under consideration would allow for a new library that is between 8,000 and 9,000 square feet.

Also discussed during the CCC meeting was the opening of the Dairy District Open Market, a new shopping venue that is currently under construction at the corner of E. Meyers and Brownsville Road.

According to Jason Tigano of Economic Development South (EDS), concrete is expected to be poured during the third week of May. If everything goes as planned, he is hopeful that the ribbon-cutting ceremony will take place on June 30.

Mr. Tigano also said EDS is focused on improving the business district along the 2600 block of Brownsville Road. He discussed three facade improvement programs that business owners can use to improve signs or lighting.

According to Mr. Tigano, the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) is currently offering a 60/40 match of up to $35,000 for facade improvement. They also have a smaller program which will provide a 50/50 match of up to $5,000. EDS has a similar program that offers up to $1,500 for signage and light.

“It’s amazing what a nice sign and some lights above your business will do for a community,” Mr. Tigano said.

According to Mr. Tigano, EDS has also been working with the URA on a plan to secure the Berg Place apartment building. The URA will own the building but will work closely with EDS, the CCC, and developers to decide what to do with the space.

“We think Berg Place could be absolutely transformational from a number of different standpoints for the community,” Mr. Tigano said.

John Bryne, president of the Carrick Business Association, also announced his organization will begin to work more closely with the Carrick Community Council and he expects this collaboration will help better the community as a whole.

“In my experience with the business association, there hasn’t been a lot of interaction between our two groups,” Mr. Bryne said. “We can work together to build more of the community spirit, because that’s really what’s going to change things.”

Mr. Bryne said two projects are in the planning stages. This fall, there will be a “shred-it” event that will give neighbors the chance to dispose of sensitive documents at a centralized location in town. There is also an effort to display military banners on Brownsville Road; however, it wouldn’t happen until the end of the year.

A representative from Department of Planning with the City of Pittsburgh also spoke at the meeting. Neighborhood planner Ashley Holloway said the city is currently working on a plan that would allow community groups to register with the city.

By keeping a registry of groups, members, and board members, the city will be in a better position to communicate zoning issues as well as point developers to the appropriate groups to seek community input.

The next Carrick Community Council meeting will be held in August. For more information, visit


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