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Liberty Bridge Deck Replacement Phase 1A under way


Replacement work on the Liberty Bridge (Route 3069) began on Monday, April 25 at 5 a.m.

“This launches the major work to upgrade the Liberty Bridge we have been planning for many years,” said District Executive Dan Cessna. “We appreciate everyone’s patience during this multiple phase effort.”

The deck will be replaced one lane at a time through four separate work phases over the course of approximately 160 consecutive days. The first phase (1A) begins with the far right inbound (northbound) lane closure and includes the closure of the inbound (northbound) Liberty Bridge ramp to the Boulevard of the Allies. This lane closure will continue for approximately 45 days.

During each phase of construction, the traffic configuration will be changed three times each weekday (see above). Three lanes of traffic will be maintained during peak travel times and two lanes will be maintained overnight. The traffic patterns will occur according to the following schedule:

Two inbound (northbound) lanes and one outbound (southbound) lane will be maintained from 5 a.m. to 2 p.m. each weekday.

Two outbound (southbound) lanes and one inbound (northbound) lane will be maintained from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. each weekday.

A single-lane of traffic will be maintained in each direction from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m. each weeknight.

To allow each configuration to occur, a short traffic stoppage of 15 minutes or less will be implemented for each traffic switch. Crews will shift channelizers, cover signs and change message boards.

Ramp reconstruction work will occur in 2016 beginning with the inbound (northbound) Liberty Bridge ramp to the Boulevard of the Allies. The ramp will close for approximately 52 days and traffic will be detoured. 

The posted ramp detour is:

Continue inbound (northbound) on the Liberty Bridge past the closed ramp.

Continue onto the Crosstown Boulevard toward 6th Avenue/Forbes Avenue exit.

Exit Crosstown Boulevard to 6th Avenue.

Follow 6th Avenue to Grant Street.

Turn right onto Grant Street.

Turn right onto 7th Avenue.

Exit 7th Avenue to I-579 South/I-376 East toward Monroeville/Liberty Bridge.

Keep right and take ramp to I-376 East toward Oakland/Monroeville.

Follow ramp onto Boulevard of the Allies.

End detour

Additional information will be provided on each phase of construction prior to the implementation of the new traffic pattern.

Additional restrictions include:

McCardle Roadway will be reduced to a single-lane approaching the intersection of the bridge in both directions. All current traffic movements will be available during bridge deck replacement.

The ramp from the Boulevard of the Allies to the outbound (southbound) Liberty Bridge has been reduced to a single-lane. Additionally, ramp traffic will be placed in a stop condition at the bridge. The ramp will close to traffic in later phases of the project.

Southbound I-579 traffic will be placed into a stop condition approaching the ramp from the Boulevard of the Allies. Traffic from southbound I-579 will merge into a single-lane with the Boulevard of the Allies ramp as it approaches the southbound (outbound) Liberty Bridge.

The speed limit on the bridge will be reduced to 30 mph.

The inbound (northbound) right lane through the Liberty Tunnel will be required to turn right onto McCardle Roadway from 2 p.m. to 5 a.m. on weekdays.

Weekend configurations will depend on work activities and event schedules. When work is completed for the weekend, it is anticipated that the traffic configuration will consist of two inbound lanes and one outbound lane. When major events at the Consol Energy Center occur on the weekend, it is anticipated that two lanes will be maintained outbound and one lane inbound until two hours after the event.

Pedestrian access to the bridge is prohibited during deck replacement work. Pedestrian traffic will be detoured

The posted pedestrian detour:


From the closed stairwell at Ross Street and Second Avenue, cross Ross Street toward Grant Street

Take Grant Street south toward Fort Pitt Boulevard

Cross I-376 off-ramp and enter shared use pedestrian/bicycle Great Allegheny Passage

Cross the Smithfield Street Bridge

Turn left onto East Carson Street

Cross East Carson Street to Arlington Avenue

U-turn at the intersection of Arlington Avenue and PJ McCardle Roadway, crossing Arlington Avenue at the farthest approach, east of the McCardle Roadway

Follow Arlington Avenue back to the Liberty Bridge stairwell

End detour


Same detour in opposite direction

The $80.08 million Liberty Bridge Rehabilitation Project includes deck replacement and ramp reconstruction, structural steel repairs, painting of the entire structure, concrete repairs, signage improvements and installation of a new alternating overhead lane control system. The project will continue into 2018.

Restrictions in 2017 include five weekend and approximately 26 overnight closures of the bridge, an 80-day closure of the Boulevard of the Allies in the bridge area and single-lane restrictions on Second Avenue.

The Joseph B. Fay Company is the prime contractor.


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