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City of Pittsburgh debuts new customer service app and improvements to 311 system


Mayor William Peduto and the City Department of Innovation & Performance have unveiled a new app and other technological upgrades to improve customer service for Pittsburgh residents and increase efficiency for 311 operators and other city workers.

The “MyBurgh” app connects mobile users directly with 311 services. The app will let users capture their locations via GPS, and allow them to track the progress or completion of previous service requests. The app also includes city news, contact information, refuse pick-up information, and seasonal tools such as the snow plow tracker.

It is available, for free, to both iPhone and Android users.

The app is enabled by the city’s new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, which will benefit residents to city workers.

Residents can use either the new app or existing methods of calling or Tweeting the 311 office. But going forward the new software will allow them to create accounts to track submitted requests; receive calls, texts or emails updating the status of requests; and attach relevant photos or PDFs.

“From the snow plow tracker to this new app, the City of Pittsburgh is continuing to make customer service to taxpayers, increased efficiency, and transparency about our operations the cornerstones of city government,” Mayor Peduto said.

Previously when residents called 311 and their information was entered into the system’s databases, 311 operators had to send the service requests to the appropriate city departments for action; clerks printed out the requests and placed them in piles for city crews to respond; and then clerks entered information on the response into a database and sent it back to 311.

The new CRM system will improve work-flow for 311 operators and workers on the ground. For 311 operators the new system: Transitions from three separate databases to one; Allows for better mapping and geo-routing; Allows for better feedback and responses among city departments; Integrates with the Allegheny County real estate site for correct property ownership information; and, Integrates with the Allegheny County voter registration site to auto-fill customer names and addresses, when possible.

For workers at the Department of Public Works, Permits Licenses & Inspections, the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police and others who commonly respond to 311 requests the new system: Links multiple requests for the same issue (for instance, a pothole at a major intersection) into a single work order, rather than several work orders under the old system; Provides maps for efficient routing; and, Allows workers to update work requests from the field

The CRM system and app are part of a three-year, $162,600 contract approved by City Council and the Mayor in October 2014.

More information about 311 can be found at


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