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16th Ward

Estate of Michael Woods to David and Lorraine Pudup at Arlington Ave. and Conway St. for $20,000.

Kathleen Nichols Vallarta to David MacHarg III at 117 S. 25th St. for $223,000.

Alan Betten et al. to Sugani Leman at 2212 Sarah St. for $185,000.

17th Ward

Howard McDine to Michael Price at 1773 Arlington Ave. for $90,000.

KB&T LLC to Anolik Cron LLC at 121 S. 19th St. for $197,000.

Dennis Bott to Brian Kirschner et al. and Karen Kirschner at 99 S. 19th St. for $185,000.

Ryan O’Halek to Industry Enterpriises LLC at 1 St. Martin St. for $60,000.

John Lazarek to Industry Enterprises LLC at 1018 Warrington Ave. for $60,000.

18th Ward

Elizabeth Toth to Federal National Mortgage Assn. at 29 Estella Ave. for $2,711 by sheriff’s deed.

Estate of George Eugene Rommler to Intissar LLC at 839 Estella Ave. for $3,500.

Susan Gibson to Raymond Meyers at 633 Eureka St. for $5,875.

19th Ward

Andrew Schor to Samuel Trichtinger at 143 Bigham St. for $159,000.

Bradley Street LLP to Mitchel Salley and Michele Stahl at 344 Bradley St. for $452,600.

Mildred Scholl to Paul Gitnik at Fingal St. for $5,000.

Estate of Carol Hazen to Federal National Mortgage Assn. at 356 Grace St. for $1,984 by sheriff’s deed.

Anthony Atkins et al. to Avila Construction at 502 Grace St. for $15,000.

Nina Trout trustee to Naba and Pallavi Goswami at 817 819 Grandview Ave. for $303,000.

Megan Hogan to PB Property Development Inc. at 134 Southern Ave. for $18,000.

29th Ward

Michael Dean to Trison Realty LLC at 215 Spencer Ave. for $87,000.

30th Ward

Davane LLC to Norman Macleod at 301 Reifert St. for $43,000.

Matthew Taylor to Daniel David and Rosalind Marie Oserin at 307 Reifert St. for $24,500.


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