Bon Air association returns after three year hiatus


After a three-year hiatus the Bon Air Civic Association met on January 5 at the Bon Air Elementary School.

Bon Air Block Watch Captain Bo Koczerzat presented crime reports from neighboring Carrick and Knoxville neighborhoods. There was no crime reported on the Bon Air mountaintop, although Mr. Koczerzat reminded everyone to lock their car doors, no matter how safe they feel in Bon Air.

Topics discussed included the summer Clean Up Day, the Bon Air Community Garage Sale and numerous social events. The future disposition of the closed school was also discussed.

“It is the only public building in Bon Air and it is the polling place for Bon Air voters,” said John Bohrer, president of the Bon Air Civic Association, “so it is important to us.”

Work in McKinley Park was also discussed at length. As part of McKinley Park is within the Bon Air neighborhood, interest is intense concerning any possible changes regarding the McKinley Park/Haberman Corridor plan currently being devised by Pfaffmann Associates. 

“Bon Air residents have been maintaining McKinley Park trails for years,” Mr. Bohrer said. He promised to attend the McKinley Park/Haberman Corridor Final Steering Committee Meeting later this month at the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy.

The next meeting for the Bon Air Civic Association is slated for late March or early April. “It largely depends on when Officer Luffey will be free to visit with us,” said Mr. Bohrer. Bon Air residents will be notified by US Mail of the date and time of the next meeting at the Bon Air Elementary School.


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