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Real Estate transactions by RealStats


16th Ward

Estate of Ida Blumentritt to Ryan Hendrix at 2712 Cobden St. for $40,000.

Stephen Stock to L3 Holdings Ltd. at 1400 Fernleaf St. for $20,000.

RAED Investments Inc. et al. to Coal Hill Partn. LLC at 2413 Jane St. for $34,365 by sheriff’s deed.

17th Ward

Donald Pohl to Charles Stark at 2016 Gregory St. for $192,000.

Kelsey Thompson to Zachary English and Nicole Florentine at 116 S. 11th St. for $218,000.

Mary Ann Bruck to Burgh Brothers LLC at 43-45 S. 13th St. for $191,000.

18th Ward

Donald Decker to James Buchner Jr. at 336 Bailey Ave. for $370,000.

Estate of E. Jean Stubenbort to William Nieder at 512 Freeland St. for $10,000.

Estate of Angelo Guerruccio to Leo Grunis at 309 Kambach St. for $130,000.

19th Ward

James Kaczorowski to Thomas Kaczorowski at 333 Augusta St. for $84,000.

Estate of Gerard McIntyre to Yaming Chen and Yinli Yang at 134 Boggs Ave. for $68,000.

William Cameron to Timber Holdings LLC at 616 Boggs Ave. for $61,000.

Bradley Street LLP to William Cameron at 408 Bradley St. for $455,000.

Barbara McAfee to Danill Belashev at 625 Griffin St. for $40,000.

First Commonwealth Bank to Jeffrey Bobish at 2 Lelia St. for $50,000.

Akuvi Mamu Kloutse to Jake Kennedy at 702 Southern Ave. for $168,000.

29th Ward

Gerald States to Carrick Assoc. LLC at 2622 Brownsville Road for $50,000.

Federal National Mortgage Assn. to BAAT Enterprises Inc. at 211 E. Agnew St. for $22,500.

Estate of Hugh McDevitt Jr. to Michael Dunn at 427 Olivet Ave. for $9,350.

Jean Anneliese Sartorio to Timber Holdings LLC at 2012 Walton Ave. for $59,000.

30th Ward

John Gregory to Y & G Management Inc. at 812 Georgia Ave. for $15,000.

Nisin Shokai Inc. to Dan Michael Moore at 433 Moore Ave. for $30,000.

Minthu Hoang to Alexander Lysenko at 235 Zara St. for $10,000.

Mt. Oliver

Federal National Mortgage Assn. to BAAT Enterprises LLC at 310 Anthony St. for $17,550.

Thomas Spano to Fedorek & Daughters at 513 Brownsville Road for $27,500.


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