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Build us a parking garage


One thing conspicuously absent from this dialogue about parking on South Side is a parking garage. It’s so obvious a solution.

In the July 8, 2014, South Pittsburgh Reporter (New RPP zone will extend permit parking to 29th St.,, City Planner Ashley Holloway states, “There’s too many cars and not enough spaces on the street.”

Permit parking won’t change that, but a parking garage in historic South Side will. It’ll create more spaces and, with restrooms, remove much of the public urination. Like water, people seek the path of least resistance.

The two “pay parking” lots on S.18th Street, if used for four-story garages, would keep most of the late-night revelers on/near E. Carson and out of our neighborhoods.

SouthSide Works has six garages; Why can’t we here in historic South Side get two? They’ll create more parking spaces and remove much of the late night mischief which bedevils us.

Residential Permit Parking is a waste of time. If doesn’t solve the problem – “Not enough spaces.”

Tell Bruce Kraus to stop wasting time and get us parking garages in historic South Side already.

D. McSwiggen

South Side

The writer is owner of

Cambod-Ican Kitchen on

E. Carson Street.


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