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Permit parking just a rumor


No rumor to that parking permit

Convenient and Safe: How come a visitor’s pass is being used three blocks away from the resident that it is intended for is, that convenient? Being used more than three days a month, actually like every day of the month as a visitor three blocks away I guess is Safer!

Without delay: It began in August, signs not put up until end of October and enforcement started November 9 and ended November 9, that is without delay!

The only unique thing about the neighborhood is the college students who did not purchase parking permits in these Convenient Spots Without Delay! The Occupancy Code Violations to the packed apartments. That is why the city cannot keep track of the landlords that own the buildings or enforce occupancy violations, besides the fire hazards; there is your Safety.

This is not only happening in Permit Parking KK area it is happening in most of the neighborhoods in South Side. I guess those parking enforcement officers are just riding around using the taxpayers’ gas in those city owned vehicles. On the contrary, the enforcement is not being done.

I thought that city departments are not allowed to lie to the people; you should inform Parking Authority about that one cause they are the ones who left the message on my answering machine. Those are the people that said the enforcement was halted according to the Mayor Office, so I guess that is a rumor.

The residents’ complaints are not rumors, I thought they were concerns to problems. We the people are paying for a service; shouldn’t we get service or is that a rumor also.

Maybe someone needs to go and ask the residents that occupy the properties in various sections of the South Side and see what they got to say! Ask them what kind of service they got for the fee they paid! There are plenty of different parking permit areas throughout the South Side that are not being enforced.

Isn’t it ironic that in last week’s issue of The South Pittsburgh Reporter Bruce Kraus said, “that now four-fifths of South Side is now covered by Residential Permit Parking zones from noon to midnight with two-hour grace periods,» without delay of non-enforcement in three-fifths of the areas.

I guess is really does pay to have friends in high places; no rumor to that.

Robert Kubiak

South Side


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