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Other ethnic churches


While I can empathize with Atty. Joseph Bielecki re: the fading of the Polish Community (South Side’s Polish community fading, South Pittsburgh Reporter, Nov. 17, 2015), such is also the case with many of the other ethnic groups/people who made up the former parishes which became Prince of Peace in 1992.

Two parishes, St. Adalbert and St. Josephat were the Polish parishes. Two parishes, St. Michael and St. Peter were considered German, with some Croatians attending St. Peter. St. John the Evangelist was the Irish Parish, St. Casimir, the Lithuanian Parish, and St. Matthew was the Slovak Parish.

Prince of Peace has two churches: St. Adalbert, on S.14th St., and St. Peter, at 2800 Sarah St. The Parish Center is located at 81 S. 13th St.

Therese M. Bigler

South Side Flats


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