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Real Estate transactions by RealStats


16th Ward

Isabelle Pulawski to James and Evelyn Hawk at 2512 Mission St. for $50,770.

Sarah Elizabeth Livsey to Oscar Prom at 103 S. 22nd St. for $202,000.

Davin Gartley to Village Burgers Inc. at 107 S. 26th St. for $5,000.

Vanessa Appolon to Minthu Hoang at 525 St. Joseph St. for $7,000.

Estate of Milka Brnilovich to 2611 Jane Street LLC at 2712 Sarah St. for $167,000.

17th Ward

Estate of Harold Shaw to Cama Sdira LLC FBO Andrew J Eppich IRA at 2531 S. 18th Street Ext. for $50,000.

Landmark Property Development LLC to Joseph and Lori Montibeller at 126 S. 20th St. for $391,650.

Neal Daniels to St. Mary’s Russian Orthodox Church at 2004 Sarah St. for $160,000.

Charles Yang to Daniela Damian at 1705 Wharton St. Unit 2503 for $360,000.

18th Ward

Estate of Maria DiBartolomeo to Pamela Howard Tripp at 11 Camfield St. for $20,500.

Korahomes LLC to Pridewell LLC at 406 Curtin Ave. for $6,000.

Ralph James Horback to Barry Andrew Spinner at 504 Curtin Ave. for $5,000.

Veronica Jancuk to Adam Fagelson at 410 Eureka St. for $85,000.

Ellen Snyder to Developing without Borders Ltd. at 509 Industry St. for $5,000.

Marion Marie Schafer to Tracy Smith at 222 Walter St. for $335 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $4,251).

19th Ward

Frederick Smallhoover to Rossanne and Lee Meyer at 1700 Grandview Ave. 802 for $525,000.

Eric Weber to West Allen Capital 8 LLC at 456 Hallock St. for $88,000.

Cyrus David Manouchehrian to Austin and Kaylee Laird at 460 Hallock St. for $187,625.

Marjorie Lawrence et al. to Big Ham Group Inc. at 147 LaBelle St. for $87,500.

Lori Keefe et al. to John McGrath at 146 Labelle St. for $150,000.

Estate of Helen Caparelli to Quattro C LLC at 200-202 Merrimac St. for $98,100.

Gene Henstock to LSF8 Master Participation Trust at 606 Mindora St. for $1,954 by sheriff’s deed.

Estate of Clara Carr to Stonehendge Partn. LLC at 131 Shiloh St. for $270,000.

Steven Gorski to Big Ham Group Inc. at 314 Virginia Ave. for $75,000.

29th Ward

C Club Properties LLC to Jason and Laura Kasten at 138 Duffland St. for $36,000.

Kristy Lee Krall Collins to Pittsburgh Property Guy H1 L.P. at 437 Kirk Ave. for $50,000.

Estate of Joseph Herman to Matthew Kosik at 145 Linnview Ave. for $10,000.

Federal National Mortgage Assn. to Walter Cheong at 425 Olivet Ave. for $27,700.

Mercedes DeBor et al. to John Adlesic at 401 Parallel Ave. for $60,600.

30th Ward

Alliance PA Holdings LLC to Albert Hanser and Sarah Dudek at 112 Knox Ave. for $10,000.

Mt. Oliver

Ronald Zeppieri to Marlex Properties LLC at 217 Anthony St. for $9,000 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $46,870) by sheriff’s deed.

Samuel Berninger to Pritchard Hill Capital LLC at 426 Carl St. for $61,900.


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