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What parking enforcement


Permit parking in South Side’s KK area was to begin Aug. 1, but unfortunately the signs were not put up until late October.

The enforcement was to begin Nov.9. The first day of enforcement someone received a ticket and called Councilman Bruce Kraus’ and Mayor Bill Peduto offices about the ticket they received and the parking authority put a halt on giving tickets in KK area.

Does this not defeat the purpose of permit parking? Since parking enforcement is not going to enforce parking in the KK area, when are they going to reimburse the people who paid for their permits? And take those signs down? Why wasn’t it prorated to begin with?

We paid for three months with no service and as soon as the service was to begin it was halted! So what are we paying for?

Or is the city just trying to pull a fast one from the residents? Can someone please explain what is going on here?

Marilyn Kubiak

South Side Flats


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