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16th Ward

Maria Patricia Bandeira Dasilva to Lion Holdings Ltd. at 409 Parkwood Road for $18,250.

John Collier to David Scarritt and Michelle Scarriett at 138 S. 23rd St. for $235,000.

Carl Frankovitch to James Atchison at 2820 Sarah St. for $220,000.

Jon Richards to NEO Builders LLC at 2700 Sumner St. for $75,000.

17th Ward

Sharon Rohac et al. to Elisa Merrell at 1610 Clinton St. for $15,000.

Estate of Mary Lou Kurzawski to Mark Willson at 1703 Clinton St. for $69,000.

Penn Pioneer Enterprises to Joshua Lilppert at 1736 Gregory St. for $30,000.

Johanna Ohler to Allison Vigoya at 5 Monastery St. for $90,000.

Kayla Marie Szczerbiak to Alfredo Shaheen at 149 S. 19th St. for $88,000.

18th Ward

Mark Humenansky to Kristin Bonasso at 206 Camfield St. for $84,900.

Everett Merling to PB Property Development Inc. at 443 Ruxton St. for $61,000.

19th Ward

Jason Hills to Nicholas Formica at 323 Belonda St. for $110,000.

Trimont Residential Condominium Assn. to Sunset Hills Management Co. LLC at Grandview Ave. for $45,000.

LNV Corp. to PB Property Development Inc. at 618 Griffin St. for $60,000.

Peter Chase to Ryan Bertrand at 7 Norton St. for $130,000.

John Devere to Corey and Sarah Stout at 192 Plymouth St. for $282,500.

Bank America NA to Diane Kirk at 1 Trimont Lane Unit 550C for $248,000.

Dollar Bank to PB Property Development Inc. at 110 Wilbert St. for $47,500.

29th Ward

Volt Asset Holdings Trust 26 to Michael Shall LLC at 1131 Amanda St. for $19,900.

Kathleen Brisco to Kayla Marie Szczerbiak at 129 Calhoun Ave. for $61,500.

ARLP Trust to ARNS Inc. at 49 Clifton Blvd. for $10 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $45,000).

ARNS Inc. to Cerise Josephs at 49 Clifton Blvd. for $45,000.

Wells Fargo Bank NA to Russell Schmitt at 178 Kirk Ave. for $46,860.

Ryan Patrick Schanck to Jason Lancia at 18 Lacona St. for $15,000.

30th Ward

Timothy Michel to Federal National Mortgage Assn. at 235 Arabella St. for $2,833 by sheriff’s deed.

Robert Gordon to Christopher Joilet II at 418 Reifert St. for $97,000.

Mt. Oliver

Estate of Dolores Gorski to Grenat L.P. at 712 Margaret St. for $13,000.


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