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Real Estate transactions by RealStats


16th Ward

Michael Staab et al. to Vlad Kaplun at 119 Fitler St. for $48,500.

Jason Tavenner to West Allen Capital 9 LLC at 2519 Leticoe St. for $90,000.

Albert Suess to Damian Suess at 2731 Shelly St. for $60,000.

17th Ward

Babe 1 LLC to Owen 1 LLC at 2002 Carson St. for $700,000.

Farhad Salari Lak to Wilmington Trust NA trustee at 18 E. Amanda St. for $1,896 by sheriff’s deed.

Randi Rumbaugh to ADCSB LLC at 1724 S. Shore Court for $398,500.

18th Ward

Patrick Byrne to J Hendy Creative LLC at 4 Allen Ave. for $5,000.

Daniel Garner Jr. to Pittsburgh Property Guy LLC at 312 Climax St. for $5,000.

Theresa Baurle to Dennis and Michelle Doas at 864 Climax St. for $16,000.

SFG REO LLC to Linda Fingers at 930 Climax St. for $4,250.

Myrle Sobek to David Spik and Jaime Wilson Spik at 443 Conniston Ave. for $80,000.

Peter Marcanio et al. to Katherine Rask at 440 Edgemont St. for $73,300.

Lachoynne Terry to Pittsburgh City Holdings LLC at 85 Nina Way for $3,000.

19th Ward

Estate of Stephen Schnaubelt to Mark and Mary Ann Tishko at 614 Chess St. for $28,000.

Joseph Julian to Donna Sebastian at 1000 Grandview Ave. Unit 201 for $365,000.

James Baker to Maxwell Newton Metcalfe at 604 Southern Ave. for $103,000.

29th Ward

Patricia Fuchs to Clemente Okoye at 326 E. Meyers Ave. for $9,000 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $52,030) by sheriff’s deed.

Estate of Ruth Ackerman to James and Laura Ackerman at 235 Poplargrove St. for $45,000.

Sherry Kloss trustee to Mandy Muehlbauer at 2386 Valera Ave. for $67,500.

Natina Franca Masci to Timothy Joseph Masci at 2428 Valera Ave. for $29,000.


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