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Now a giant garage sale


The first annual South Side Food, Art & Sidewalk Festival was organized to cast a positive light on East Carson Street.

Let’s follow that family friendly event with a bigger one. How about a first annual South Side’s Great Garage Sale. Yes, for the whole South Side: Flats and Slopes. A golden opportunity for South Siders to sell stuff they no longer need or simply want to get rid of clutter.This Great Garage Sale would most likely be held on a Saturday. Hours could be 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The South Side Bar & Restaurant Association and the South Side Chamber of Commerce probably could organize such an event. South Side has its share of senior citizens who have old, unique and interesting items. Furniture, jewelry, pictures, clothes, books, music and tools are just some of the popular things desired by buyers. Let’s face it, people will buy anything. And there is nothing wrong in making a few extra bucks.

College students need all kinds of stuff. I have no doubt that people will come if it were promoted properly.

Say garage sale, yard sale, moving sale, estate sale, flea market and people get excited. Imagine if a hundred or more South Side homes participated. One’s junk is another’s treasure.

Perhaps the organizers could provide sellers who wanted to help with an official placard for a nominal fee reading: I helped support South Side’s Great Garage Sale. It would help pay for advertising costs.

The organizers could also compile a list of the locations of the sellers.

There could be a contest to design the official poster for the event. And children aren’t left out. They could sell their old toys and outgrown clothes or have a lemon aid stand. Plus the influx of people during the day event would frequent South Side restaurants and shops.

John Shatlan

South Side


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