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Zoning Board hearings


Pittsburgh’s Zoning Board of Adjustment has scheduled the following public hearings of interest to South Pittsburgh residents in the first floor hearing room of the John P. Robin Civic Building, 200 Ross Street, Downtown.

Zone case 202/15 on Thursday, July 16 at 9:20 a.m. is the appeal of American Towers Inc., owner, and Pittsburgh Community Broadcasting, applicant, for 111 Shiloh Street in the 19th Ward (Zoning District GPR-C).

Applicant requests expansion of communication tower.

Special Exceptions: 921.02.A: Expansion of a nonconforming usein GPR zoning district is a Special Exception; 917.06: Special Exception for waiver of operational performance standards.

Variances: 919.06 & 917.02: Maximum permitted sound level 55 dba between 6am and 10am, 45 dba between 10pm and 6am .

Notes: Certificate of Occupany 11-B-03154, dated 4/19/2012, permitted occupancy, “Class C communications tower.”

Zone case 175/15 on Thursday, July 16 at 9:40 a.m. is the appeal of Kenneth H. and Shirley E. Wood, owners, and RC Watt, applicant, for 231 Zarah Street in the 30th Ward (Zoning District R1D-H).

Applicant requests 2’x4’x2½’ generator at rear of single-family dwelling.

Variance: 917.06: Waiver of one or more of the Operational Performance Standards is a Special Exception.

Notes: Certificate of Occupany 161059, dated 8/26/1991, permitted occupancy, “2½-story one-family dwelling; one-story 16’x25’2” L-shaped rear addition.”

Zone case 150/15 on Thursday, July 16 at 10:00 a.m. is the appeal of Jennifer L. Jones, owner and applicant, for 130 S 18th Street in the 17th Ward (Zoning District R1A-VH).

Applicant requests existing second level deck renovation and new 19’ x 9’ second level deck for single-family dwelling.

Variance: 903.03.E.2: Minimum 5’ exterior side setback required and 0’ requested; Minimum 5’ interior side setback required and 0’ requested; 912.04.B: Minimum 5’ rear setback required and 0’ requested.

Notes: Certificate of Occupany 81058, dated 4/17/2001, permitted occupancy, “Resale shop on 1st floor for men and women clothing and accessories and children clothing and toys, operating seven days a week from 11am until 8pm.”

Zone case 151/15 on Thursday, July 16 at 10:10 a.m. is the appeal of William S. Bennett Jr., owner and applicant, for 302 Oneida Street in the 19th Ward (Zoning District R1D-M).

Applicant requests 17’ x 18’ new deck for a single-family dwelling.

Variance: 903.03.C.2: Minimum 30’ exterior side setback required and 0’ requested; Minimum 30’ front setback required and 20’ requested.

Past Cases & Decisions: ZBA 89 of 1967, variance granted to permit erection of a two-story, two-family dwelling with integral garage and basement rear.

Notes: Certificate of Occupany 20335, dated 5/20/1968, permitted occupancy, “Two-family dwelling.”

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