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Public invited to weigh in on color for sister bridges across Allegheny


Built in the 1920’s, the “Sister Bridges” – Roberto Clemente (Sixth Street), Andy Warhol (Seventh Street) and Rachel Carson (Ninth Street) – are all scheduled to be rehabilitated over the next few years. As part of that work, each of the three structures will also be painted. Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald and Pittsburgh Mayor William Peduto today invited the public to weigh in on whether to change the color of the bridges.

“A few months ago, the mayor and I appeared together on a local television show during which we took calls from viewers. One caller suggested that we consider painting the Andy Warhol Bridge grey/silver, and the Rachel Carson Bridge green,” said Mr. Fitzgerald. “With the planned work beginning later this year on the bridges, we thought this would be a perfect opportunity to let the public weigh in on whether we repaint the bridges with their current color, or consider making them different colors as suggested.”

The three bridges are owned by Allegheny County, the Department of Public Works will be rehabilitating the structures in cooperation with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT). The bridges are complex and unusual – self-anchored suspension bridges with eyebar links – and only two other bridges of this type exist in the United States. Because of the nature of the bridges, renovation work is needed periodically to keep them in a state of good repair, and to ensure the structures will be available for long-term use and access by the community.

“In 2003, I suggested naming the Seventh and Ninth Street bridges after Andy Warhol and Rachel Carson. Today, I join the County Executive in taking the next step in the process of celebrating unique and distinguishing characteristics of our region – our bridges,” said Mayor Peduto.

Preliminary design of all three bridges began in 2014, with the final design of the Andy Warhol Bridge underway in 2015. Only one bridge will be closed at a time for rehabilitation, with the Andy Warhol Bridge set to begin this fall, with the Rachel Carson and then the Roberto Clemente Bridges following at approximately two year intervals.

The public can weigh in by voting in an online poll at The question and voting options follow, but voting is limited to one vote per device:

Allegheny County will be rehabilitating all three Sister Bridges, beginning with the Andy Warhol Bridge later this year. The work will include repainting each bridge. It has been suggested that the Andy Warhol Bridge be painted silver (gray), the Rachel Carson Bridge be painted green, and the Roberto Clemente Bridge be repainted “Pittsburgh yellow.” What do you think should be done with the bridges?

• The Sister Bridges should remain Pittsburgh yellow.

• The Warhol Bridge should be painted silver gray and the Carson Bridge should be painted green.

• I don’t care if the bridges stay Pittsburgh yellow, but they should all be the same color.

• Why are you limiting us to just these three colors?


Reader Comments

charlie0643 writes:

I see bridges similar to eyeglasses. You can't avoid them, so why try to hide them? Different colors are a fantastic idea for tourists to remember and for those who may differentiate them by color, when not remembering their proper name. Every different and unusual tourist attraction is a plus to our fascinating and dazzling city.


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