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A better solution


If you travel up 18th St. and were recently fined $120 by police for making an illegal left turn off Josephine, you have to be scratching your head asking why that traffic restriction was created.

If you weren’t fined yet, it was only because the officer was too busy writing up someone else.

Josephine St. has been the excellent conduit for the thousands who travel daily from the Works and all points east to up 18th St. Rather than sitting in burdensome traffic and 10 plus traffic lights on E. Carson to 18th St., Slopes and Hill-toppers could easily glide through the industrial Josephine St. corridor with few traffic restrictions.

But now that that route is off limits due to the “No Left Turn” onto 18th St., the city’s alternate route would take a driver twice the time to travel from the Works to Carrick. But drivers can be expected to be more resourceful than the traffic planner by taking their next best route to 18th St.

My personal favorite will be to take Barry St. to Mission St. to 18th. But those who are adverse to narrow streets originally designed for horses and mules, may choose Sarah, Jane, or Mary as better choices than E. Carson. The residents in all those neighborhoods should expect an uptick in traffic and a decline in safety.

Perhaps some traffic planner decided to mandate the “No Left Turn” for safety reasons. The only thing unsafe about the turn is visibility up 18th St. If the last 100 feet of 18th St. before Josephine was closed to parking, the safety problem would disappear.

A better, more permanent solution would be to move the Stop Sign from Josephine St. one block up 18th St. to Mission St., and move the traffic light from Mission/Pius to Josephine St. The traffic light at Mission/Pius has been obsolete (along with the “No Turn on Red” sign) since Pius St. became one way. The added traffic light at the Josephine and 18th St. intersection would allow the return to normalcy for Slopes and Hilltop residents and business people.

Please remember that with the “No Left Turn” the city earns $120 per violation (don’t ask me how I know). The better solution of installing a traffic signal will cost the city and will only happen if enough people complain about it.

Sorry about the phone number Councilman Kraus (412-255-2130), but hopefully you can help solve this problem.

Tom Tripoli



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