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Housing Court hearings


The following Housing Court cases are scheduled for Tuesday, Aug. 26, at 1:15 p.m. in Magisterial District Judge James Motznik’s Courtroom:

• Ralph P. St. Clair, 133 Amabell Street, 19th Ward, Code 302.7.

• Alliance PA Holdings LLC, 428 Natchez Street, 19th Ward, Code 614.

• Tony LaRusso, Member TMNL LLC, 429 Sweetbriar Street, 19th Ward, Codes 614, 302.4, 925.06A.

The following Housing Court cases are scheduled for Tuesday, Aug. 26, at 10:00 a.m. in Magisterial District Judge Eugene Ricciardi’s Courtroom:

• Ralph W. Busha, 2414 Patterson Street, 16th Ward, Code 302.7.

• Dry Creek Land LP, 119 Rinnie Street, 16th Ward, Codes 307.1, 302.4.

• East Carson Associates, 3010 E. Carson Street, 16th Ward, Codes 302.1, 620.06.

• Jeffrey I. and Rosemary Grentz, 6 St. Paul Street, 17th Ward, Code 105.1.

• Brendan M. and Kaetlin Breen, 104 S. 12th Street, 17th Ward, Code 307.1.

• Karen M. and Richard Camello, 2010 Sarah Street, 17th Ward, Code 302.3.

• Hilltop Development LLC, E. Warrington (14-C-218), 17th Ward, Code 302.3.

• RE 360 Partners IV LP, 1783 Arlington Avenue, 17th Ward, Code 302.4.

All Housing Court cases are open to the public. Judge King’s office (Mt. Oliver Borough and Pittsburgh Wards 18, 29, 30 and 32) is located at 2213 Brownsville Road, Carrick. Judge Motznik’s office (Pittsburgh’s 19th Ward) is at 736 Brookline Blvd., Brookline. Judge Ricciardi’s office (Pittsburgh Wards 4, 16 and 17) is in the Maul Building at 1700 E. Carson Street, third floor on South Side. Pittsburgh Municipal Court is at 660 First Avenue.

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