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Allentown to compete in energy saving contest


Allentown is one of three Pittsburgh neighborhoods soon to be involved in a heated competition to see which neighborhood can save the most energy.

ReEnergize Pgh, a project of GTECH Strategies, will pit Allentown, Homewood and Hazelwood in an energy efficiency competition to see which neighborhood can reduce the most energy usage. The neighborhood with the greatest reduction will receive a new, custom designed public green space.

GTECH, together with the Allentown CDC, will recruit three “ambassadors” whose job it will be to talk to their neighbors about ways to save energy. The ambassadors will receive training in ways to make a home more energy efficient.

By making their homes more energy efficient, it will not only help save the residents money, but will also add to the quality of life for those who live there.

Ambassadors will participate in education sessions around energy efficiency, community outreach, teamwork, public speaking/presentations and planning. Most of the trainings will take place in GTECH’s Larimer office on Wednesday evenings beginning in October.

The ambassadors will be responsible for recruiting households to reduce their energy use. Residents participating in the program will be required to provide permission for GTECH to view their household’s energy usage data from the utility companies. Only the only the energy usage data will be provided through the utility companies.

Participating households will learn that an energy efficient house can become a more comfortable home. Less cold air coming in the home during the winter and less heat during the summer means increased comfort.

In addition, a sealed and ventilated home may prevent cold drafts and moisture issues, which can lead to negative health impacts for residents and their families. Simple energy saving behaviors such as turning off lights and turning down the heat can mean more money in savings.

Ambassadors will be provided a monthly stipend for their time. Each ambassador will have a base stipend of $2,000 which is earned over the course of the program if they complete it.

For more information about the ReEnergize Pgh program or to get an application to become an ambassador, contact Zaheen Hussain: or 412-361-2099.


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