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Call before you start digging


As summer approaches and people start to work on outdoor projects, the message of calling 811 at least three days before digging is more important than ever.

Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania also reminds all homeowners that in addition to calling 811 before digging, they need to be aware of the importance of calling 811 before clearing a blocked sewer line.

Sewer lines are sometimes not marked or incorrectly marked when utility lines are identified prior to any construction. While rare, this situation leaves the potential for natural gas lines to be installed through sewer lines. If a sewer backup develops, a plumber or homeowner will often attempt to clear the blockage by using a mechanical rotary device, which can damage the utility line and create an unsafe situation allowing natural gas to migrate into homes and buildings.

Before you or your plumber attempt to clear a blocked sewer line for any reason, you need to call 811 to have your sewer line inspected. This free service will verify that your natural gas pipeline does not interfere with your sewer pipeline before the attempt to unclog the blockage.

The 811 hotline operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. For more information on Columbia’s sewer line safety program, visit


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