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Clean up after your pets


Recently I was walking through the business district in Mount Oliver. It was a pleasant enough walk, except for one thing--several unsightly piles of “doggie doo doo” along the way.

I was appalled. How difficult is it to stuff a plastic grocery bag into your pocket when you and your pet are out enjoying the neighborhood stroll? Enjoy the walk, but pick up what your pup leaves behind, tie the bag shut and drop it in a trash can. It is not that difficult!

We all have an abundance of plastic grocery bags! What we need is an abundance of caring and responsible area residents and visitors.

It is not only disgusting to see and smell, but what about the poor folks, including children, who step in it and track the stuff into a business or their own vehicle or their home? Not only is it messy and unnecessary, it is a violation of both Mount Oliver Borough and the City of Pittsburgh’s codes. You can even be fined if you are seen walking away from a “dropping”! (If you don’t believe me, look it up on the website!)

After I retired from many years of teaching, I was appointed to fill an empty seat on Mount Oliver Borough Council. We council folks, along with many area businesses and organizations, are working very hard to bring back community pride.

We now sponsor three family friendly events throughout the year; Cruisin’ on the Hilltop in June, Crank it at the Clock in October, and the Hilltop Hop family event this year in April.

Our events have so far been well attended and are open to all Hilltop area residents. Come on out and join the events. But remember, as a member of the community at large, how can you walk your pet through a Business District and fail to clean up after them?

For that matter, you should be picking it up no matter where you walk the pet. Yuck!

I am a dog owner. I also care about my neighborhood and my neighbors. Cleaning up after your pets is a matter of respect for others and responsibility as a pet owner. For the sake of all of us, please scoop when they poop!

Barbara L. Keener

Mount Oliver

(Ms. Keener is a Mount Oliver Borough councilwoman)


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